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Thread: Tempurpedic or the cheaper bragada?

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    I have had the BellaFina about 2 years now. When I first got it I absolutely hated it but after a week or two I adjusted to it. Its hard for me to sleep now on any other bed.

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    neither, I just got a mattress from an outlet. a simmons beauty rest with a pillow top. that thing is so nice. If you go to an outlet there no returning it, but I can tell you it is a wonderful mattress. It has a pillow top. and it like sleeping in a cloud. I love the thing. my kitties are so lazy now. it is a firm mattress with a soft top on it. There is no skin probs or sore pressure areas at all since getting it. I was waking up with ad, and a lot of hip pain. when I moved kitty pee'd on my bed and ruined it. I was so mad because I had been sleeping on a air mattress for four months while my stuff was in storage. I got this thousand dollar mattress for 300 from the simmons outlet, its lovely. I hate getting up in the morning because it is so nice to be in. totaly the best mattress I have ever had.
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