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Thread: Tempurpedic or the cheaper bragada?

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    e-bay had 2 places selling good ones. i went cheap lol. $60 including shipping , w/90 day money back - shipping. twin long 80" x 38" x 3" 5.5 firmness , anything else i would think you would sink too much. when i'm in bed i still have an inch or so of material under my butt. remember there not water proof , so your gunna want a sheet that is. i bought 2 of them there too. teri cloth top and sized to fit the bed. i really like it. when you get it let it sit for couple days after you unwrap it , to get to full size.
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by november
    How much does an overlay usually run people? I need new mattresses but want to wait awhile to spend big money.
    We paid $129 for our queen size. Don't get anything under 3". Also the mattress toppers slid around on top of the mattress when you transfer or move a lot, even with a mattress cover holding them in place. I have to adjust it every day or two. But it does a good job of covering the springs which were starting to poke through. lol

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    I bought my mattress topper at search > mattress toppers
    They have a number of different brands cheep.
    Shipping is only $3.00
    Buy the largest one possible and cut off the extra. The extra may be enough for a window seat or something.
    All sizes of the same brand and firmness cost the same.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIOT

    The mattress I generally recommend for a variety of reasons is the "sleep number" or "select comfort" type. These mattresses are air filled along with foam. You can "soften" the mattress for comfort and pressure relief, and when it is time to transfer, the mattress can be inflated to a very firm surface, making transfers a snap. I could see the downside is if you lost power and had the mattress in a softer position then transferring out may be difficult- but no more difficult than the tempurpedic. Many of my patients who sleep on these beds, report getting the best night sleep in a long time. Some of the "extras" available with this is a type of mattress pad that keeps a person "cool" as it absorbs the heat, reducing overheating from having foam against the body. A big bonus is that you can have a different sleep number than your patrner as you have individual controls!!! One of the manufacturers has created a new size called "expanded queen". The box part of the mattress still fits in the traditional queen frame however the mattress one sleeps on is 6 inches wider- MORE ROOM for all those positioning pillows!

    I hope this helps.
    Pam OTR/L
    Does the pump on the sleepnumber make a lot of noise?

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    The lower end model does make some noise when changing the pressures. You can hear a slight hum when it is inflating and there is a "pfft" sound when deflating it. Otherwise there is no noise just sitting there.

    Depending on the degree of change from 10- 90, it will take a couple of minutes. If the change is between 5-20 then it will take about a minute.
    Hope this helps,
    Pam OTR/L

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    i personally wouldn't go too cheap when it comes to the viscoelastic foam mattresses. i went cheap on a pillow once & it flattened out after only a month or so.

    i was looking at the tempurpedic mattresses a bit ago, & ended up going sorta cheap... well, instead of the $1800 tempur-named visco mattress, i got the Sealy posturepedic visco mattress for $1400. same great warranty, and from a big-name brand that i trust the warranty. at the store the feel was slightly better to me than the tempurpedic brand, too. i've been happy the past 2 yrs.

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    ala , i left the fitted sheet on the mattress. put the foam on top of that with a waterproof sheet that covers everything. the cotton sheet on the matress stops the foam from moving.
    oh well

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    Lightbulb Buyer Beware

    I am trying to warn as many consumers as I can about purchasing anything from Bragada. My husband has ALS and suffered from facet syndrome through 2008. We had slept on a Tempurpedic while on a trip and found it a very exceptional product. We had a Select Comfort bed at the time but had many issues that required a "bed mechanic" that they freely admit they do not provide.

    When we moved into our new home that would accomodate his advancing ALS, we decided that we would purchase a memory foam mattress and I did a lot of comparisons. Bragada claims to be superior to Tempurpedic. Mind you, there was no big price savings, but it appreared to offer us about $400-500 cost savings while stating their specifications to meet or exceed that of Tempurpedic. They also offer a lifetime warranty.

    When the bed arrived, a trucking company brought it. The frame was a flimsy fold up frame. It was totally misrepresented. The mattress arrived in a box....a small box. One man brought it and handled it easily. It was told to me that the mattress would expand. We suspected we had a problem, but felt we needed to give it a chance. We tried. We really tried, but in December we started calling the company. They had no interest in making good on the warranty.

    The problems with the mattress are as follows:
    Frame is inadequate to support the product even when extra support was added.
    The mattress created a trough that present me a substantial problem when trying to rise. I am a small woman. My husband required help.
    The mattress also had a hammock effect. Again, I am small. This never happens with my Tempurpedic.
    The response from the company has been disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst. I followed their procedure for a claim, and they denied ever getting it. They failed to respond when promised and to date, have never given me any kind of help.
    Their credit card appears to be in cahoots with them. They will do nothing to help even though they promised to do so. I have witnesses to each conversation I had with them.

    Please consider all these things and make your decision carefully. I am going to sue them for false advertising and deceptive marketing practices. This product is in no way similar to Tempurpedic. We have been sleeping on the Tempurpedic happily for many months. Unfortunately, me husbands ALS has progressed now, and we will be putting a hospital bed very soon.

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    Run, Run, Run

    The product is a complete fraud. It is in no way comparable to Tempurpedic as the claim. The mattress hammocks and creates a trough for the sleeper to try to rise from. The mattress warranty is a joke. Their customer service is non-existent. BEWARE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    All viscoelastic foam is pretty much the same. You will pay more for TempurPedic because they spend so much on advertising they have to mark up their mattresses and overlays to make this money back. Google "viscoelastic foam" and "memory foam" to find good products. If you don't want to go with a full mattress, a 3-4" overlay is sufficient for the pressure reduction you will get. We don't issue the brand name TempurPedic, but do use some viscoelastic foam overlays with success in pressure reduction, but SCIOT is right about the mobility and ADL issues that need to be taken into consideration. Some also complain about these surfaces being hot. Heat retention can contribute to skin breakdown, in addition to being a comfort issue.

    I don't recommend Select Comfort mattresses as I have had a lot of people report that they don't last very long, with the foam supporting the air chambers the first thing that breaks down. Also, since the company has consistently refused to share their interface pressure studies and numbers to show that they were done correctly and are legitimate (unlike virtually all medical mattress companies), I hesitate to recommend them.

    I've used a Tempurpedic for many years with very good results. It does have to be replaced though. They honored my warranty when I had to get it replaced after I forget how many years though. I once stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas and they had a great mattress.

    By the way I was recently in the hospital and the mattress they had me on was horrible. It was about 1/2 the depth of my Tempurpedic. And the sheets seemed wrinkly too. I have pure cotton, taut sheets at home. No wonder so many people get pressure sores in the hospital! I wonder if hospitals are really unaware of importance of mattress/sheets for SCI and, if so, someone should make a protocol of putting SCI patients on special mattresses in hospitals. (I didn't get a pressure sore but I could tell I might get one if I had to say there longer).

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