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Thread: Tempurpedic or the cheaper bragada?

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    Tempurpedic or the cheaper bragada?

    I'm looking to purchase a good bed, probably a tempurpedic, but I come across this bed that says there similar.
    Bragada beds advertise as being made from the same material as the tempurpedic, at a large this bu** sh** or a comparable bed? Anyone here have any advice?

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    Your profile does not indicate, so what is your level of injury? What are your transfer skills like? What is the primary prupose of getting an upgraded mattress - Skin integrity vs comfort?

    Sorry about the deluge of questions, but I recommend different mattresses for different purposes. I am an outpatient Occupational therapist working primarily with people with spinal cord injuries. I treat one throughout a continuum from new injury to longterm and long-long term- so the answers to my questions can help me formulate an opinion as to what would work best for you.

    Generally speaking the tempurpedic mattress works well for pressure reliefs but can be very difficult to transfer out of. It is a type of memory foam so the imprint you leave while sleeping on it doesn't "rebound" immediately. When transferring out of it, you must lift yourself out of that imprint as well. It is difficult to "slide" across. Many of my patients who could manage most transfers independently suddenly required assistance when they got this bed. It is very difficult to "reposition" yourself because of the very same reasons. I have heard mixed remarks on the comfort. It does have a tendency to betoo warm too sleep on.

    The mattress I generally recommend for a variety of reasons is the "sleep number" or "select comfort" type. These mattresses are air filled along with foam. You can "soften" the mattress for comfort and pressure relief, and when it is time to transfer, the mattress can be inflated to a very firm surface, making transfers a snap. I could see the downside is if you lost power and had the mattress in a softer position then transferring out may be difficult- but no more difficult than the tempurpedic. Many of my patients who sleep on these beds, report getting the best night sleep in a long time. Some of the "extras" available with this is a type of mattress pad that keeps a person "cool" as it absorbs the heat, reducing overheating from having foam against the body. A big bonus is that you can have a different sleep number than your patrner as you have individual controls!!! One of the manufacturers has created a new size called "expanded queen". The box part of the mattress still fits in the traditional queen frame however the mattress one sleeps on is 6 inches wider- MORE ROOM for all those positioning pillows!

    I hope this helps.
    Pam OTR/L

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    All viscoelastic foam is pretty much the same. You will pay more for TempurPedic because they spend so much on advertising they have to mark up their mattresses and overlays to make this money back. Google "viscoelastic foam" and "memory foam" to find good products. If you don't want to go with a full mattress, a 3-4" overlay is sufficient for the pressure reduction you will get. We don't issue the brand name TempurPedic, but do use some viscoelastic foam overlays with success in pressure reduction, but SCIOT is right about the mobility and ADL issues that need to be taken into consideration. Some also complain about these surfaces being hot. Heat retention can contribute to skin breakdown, in addition to being a comfort issue.

    I don't recommend Select Comfort mattresses as I have had a lot of people report that they don't last very long, with the foam supporting the air chambers the first thing that breaks down. Also, since the company has consistently refused to share their interface pressure studies and numbers to show that they were done correctly and are legitimate (unlike virtually all medical mattress companies), I hesitate to recommend them.


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    i just bought one on e-bay. i had an alternating air pad. i would wake up and i was crushing parts of my body where the square would be. alot on my feet and legs. just get a firmer one. i got the 5.5 pressure , 3" thick. it dosn't crush down alot. also i got 2 water proof sheets that fit the overlay and bed , just incase. lol
    oh well

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    I'm c4-5 quad who uses a hoyer to get in w.chair and bed. I usally reajust once a night(side to back). I haven't had any pressure breakdowns in 28 yrs.
    I currently use 2 half-inch egg crates on top of a $100 serta mattress on a invacare hospital bed.This bed gives me terrible shoulder aches. I seem to sink down in a hole around my support at all. I just want a little firmer bed.
    Ken, what kind of bed did you purchase?

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    short story..
    I'm a T4 complete, with full atropy below injury and all the skin dangers that entails

    I bought a knock off tempurpedic off ebay in early 2004, with 4lb density foam because I'm a lightweight boneyard, lol.
    I have no complaints, sleep well, move/transfer with no problems. No heat complaints either. Absolutely NO red marks on skin.
    Paid 300 bucks, counting delivery, for a long fullsize.
    Shop around, my family has the real mccoy and said they could tell no difference in them. Made my own bedframe from 2x8's 4x4's and 3/4" birch plywood
    Love it.

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    I am currently using a TempSoma 3” memory foam topper from Sam’s. It works well for me, much better than my mattress. When I was shopping around for memory foam mattresses, I did notice a difference when comparing foam with a least a 4lb density. The real Tempur-Pedic conforms to the body more and hold its shape longer after you take the weight and heat of your body away. It is also more dead when you drop something on it (less bounce). There is less resistance and it seems to react to body heat so you sink into it more. Maybe that is one reason it feels warmer.

    The other mattresses all are slightly different in the way they support and react to your body, so personal preference should be the deciding factor. In my opinion the price of the Tempur-Pedic makes it an undesirable choice.

    My TempSoma does not make me feel warmer but it is harder to slide on and position myself at night. Still, I would never go back to a regular mattress.

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    my son had his back injured and has had reoccuring pain. his physician has recommended that we get the memory foam topper to help ease his pain when he lays down. i looked all over trying to find something that was either 3 or 4 inches. i ordered that same product mentioned above from sams last thursday so we are awaiting its arrival. what i did find is that there are cooling covers available on line for these toppers. i dont know if they have them for full mattresses or not. my son sleeps on a heating mattress pad so i dont think the cooling will be an issue for him; however, if that is an issue for anyone here, you might try finding one of the cooling covers.

    once he gets his, i am going to try it to see if it is an option for me. my physican talked to me about one of these mattress, or a topper just a couple of weeks ago. my mattress is only about 4 or 5 years old so i hate to replace it; however if a topper is the answer that is a good alternative.

    just as a matter of information, my physician had received information about a new mattress that was recently shown at a show in las vegas. i think he said it is a serta product and will soon be on the market. this mattress is made to account for the body parts that protrude like shoulder blades and buttocks and yet support the lower back. it is not made of memory foam but they have managed to construct it to be "body friendly". i think he said that traditional mattresses conform to have pressure relief of 40-60% but this product is supposed to be in the 90% range, which means there would be only a 10% pressure point. he explained it much more eloquently, but hopefully that makes sense!

    because of his type of practice and so many chronic pain sufferers, he tries to stay abreast of new products such as these. he said the information he received was very impressive and that possibly i would want to try to wait for this to be available and see if it would be an option for me. he did not have any information on cost, which i expect to be quite high.

    i have not found information on this online, but i assume once it is available for sale it will be advertised.

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    I bought a Temperpeidic Adjustable Rhapsody and its heaven every time I get in bed. Still have to finish paying it off but its the best investment I've made yet. I have more bed mobility than ever before, i guess because it adjusts. i hope you end up with the real thing. there are various models.

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    Just wanted to say I noticed you broke your post up into paragraphs.
    Thank you, it makes it easier for those of us with a short attention span to read.

    How much does an overlay usually run people? I need new mattresses but want to wait awhile to spend big money.
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