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Thread: pregnancy and drugs

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    pregnancy and drugs

    My daughter in law was injured May 07, has a compressed fracture of T6. She is a para with normal use of her arms. She and my son had plans to have a baby before this happened. They still would very much like to, but she is on baclafen and lyrica. Those of you have had children after your injury, are there drugs that are OK to take while pregnant? or do you need to be off everything? and for the entire 9 months, or mostly the first 3 mo. We would appreciate any experience those of you who have been thru this could contribute. Thanks

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    For Baclofen and many other drugs, the first 3 months are most important.

    At this point, it would be very important for her to sit down with both her physiatrist and her OB/Gyn (ideally at the same time...conference call??) and discuss what she is taking, what she might need to take or not take during her pregnancy, what she should stop BEFORE getting pregnant, and come up with a plan together.

    In general though we usually encourage women with SCI to wait 2 years after their injury before they put their bodies through the stress of a pregnancy. She is still healing.


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