a brief bit about me - I have been through alot this past year. Was diagnosed with Severe Spinal Cord Compression in the Thoracic Region and underwent 28 hours of surgery in April in Buffalo NY. I was in intensive care on respirator for a week after my surgery.

Surgeon feels I am doing well considering what I have been through - I beg to differ.

I have terrible pain From hip to knee on left leg and it is all around the upper leg. I also have Terrible Pain where the cage was put T8/9 area. My surgery was T8/9 through T11/12. I had worse case cord compression ever seen and 10 drs. said they wouldn't even touch it. My discs were also herniated and calcified and part of my surgery involved going through the right chest cavity and deflating lung. piece of rib was used in my spine as one of the bad discs was under the backbone. I have pain in side too where they went in. Dr. has told me there is a spinal cord injury going on from when I would fall alot prior to surgery.

I am on methadone and percocet for the pain but its not touching it.

Can't afford physical therapy copays -

I wonder because Kevin Everett's injury was similar to mine and same hospital and look at how well he is walking.

I even have a special made orthodic for my left foot for foot drop and use a walker or cane or I would not be able to walk.

ANY ideas other than a closed MRI which I cannot really do due to clautrophobia. I hate the thought of anesthesia having to be used. If I could cut my left leg off I WOULD Pain is that bad.