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Thread: Spastic bladder

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    Spastic bladder

    I went to bed last night
    & layed in the same position as always on my right side.

    After sleeping 30 minutes
    I awoke to my bladder shaking like crazy.
    It shook for 4-5 minutes before it got still.
    As far as I could tell (c7) it was in a hugh knot.
    Felt hard from the outside.
    Took my meds (ultram, neurotin, detrol la)
    Then I fell asleep.

    30 mins later did it again.
    I guess the meds hadn't kicked in.

    The rest of the night was okay.
    Except a slight throbing temple from high blood pressure. (AD)

    I'm fine today.
    No fever, no AD, no problems.
    It could be infection, but I really don't think so.

    Other than infection what could it be?
    17 years never done it before,
    not even with infections.

    Thanks! Mona

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    Hi Mona, something like that happens to me when a) I have a very bad UTI b) I have forgoten to take the Detrol c) I have my period.

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    In all my 40 years being an sci I have never had a kidney or bladder stone, until now. I recently found out I have bladder stones and sometimes the bladder spasms are horrendous not to mention what it does for the AD. It is my understanding that even ab's can have undetected stones for quite some time. If your bladder spasms continue I would get it checked out. You don't necessarily have to be passing blood to have stones. Be careful with the AD. It can really put a rush in my head compunded with a headache and my lips turning white. That's when I get a real severe bladder spasm. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I would definitely ask for a sonogram and get checked for bladder stones. I had them, also take detral la, once or twice a week while riding the FES bike I would leak urine with similar bladder spasms you described. The urologist said I probably had them from when I was initially hospitalized; you can have them for a long time and not know it but the longer you have the larger they get. My only uti since I’ve been home was after the procedure to remove them.
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    If this is new for you and continues, I would have this checked out.
    Everyone should have bladder/kidney ultrasound regularly ( our practice does them yearly) to check for stones and other complications.


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    Thanks to all of you.
    It was very scarey just doing it out of the blue.

    I posted about my benign tumors angiomyolipomas,
    and how they could rupture so that was on my mind.
    Not that the spasm could cause them to rupture.
    But the spasms might be because of rupture.

    It's been 36 hrs and no more spasms.
    But I'm taking the detrol la once a day.

    I went and got a second opinion with a great spinal urologist team.
    One was a specialist with angiomyolipomas.
    I didn't actually see him, but one of the 2 Dr's I saw,
    said she would confer with him.
    I saw one female Dr. partner & she spent 30 mins.
    going over everything from 17 yrs ago when I got my supra pubic catheter.
    She would have stayed longer if I had any questions.
    Then she took my xrays and sonogram results from my Dr. here,
    and went out and talked to the other Drs.
    Then the head Dr. came in and asked if I had any questions.
    Then he gave me my protocol.

    He wants me to get a ct scan now.
    Which is one of the options the sonogram stated for me to do.
    The other was get another xray & sonogram in 6 months.
    My Dr. said do it again in 1 yr.
    Which wasn't even one of her suggestions.
    This is my 2nd benign tumor in 2 yrs.
    Which is unusual. They usually are singular.
    Why I wanted a 2nd opinion.

    Then go get Urodynamics.
    I've never had it in 17 yrs.
    My Dr. did suggested it last yr., but not this year.

    Then have my Dr. look in my bladder for tumors.
    Common in sci with supra cath's.
    I wasn't sure if that was with Urodynamics or a separate procedure.
    Waiting to find out out.

    After those procedures:
    Every year Dr. look in bladder for tumors.
    Every yr. Sonogram & Xray of bladder & kidneys, the works.
    Also alternate 1 yr ct scan, next yr renal scan.

    That sounded like alot but I think it's a good plan.
    It'll keep an eye on everything functional & the benign tumors.

    AAD what do you think?

    They said I could ride the 100 miles and see them,
    or continue to see mine with them as backup.
    I was very, very impressed.
    They spent all that time,
    & just got paid for one Dr's visit, with all the teams support.
    No tests either.
    The nurses were top notch too.
    You could tell everyone really cared.

    If anyone is from that area, I highly reccommend him, them.

    They're typing it all up & sending it to my Dr. here.
    Also a copy to me. Love that!

    Then I decide where to go.
    I'm leaning towards my Dr. here.
    Just for one reason.
    Not him, but because one of my aides taking care of me,
    usually goes to the Dr., or Lab with me.
    She helps transport me from chair to xray table
    & back with their aides, nurses, etc.
    Hooking everything up & getting my bag, clothes back in order.
    Makes it nice on me & them.

    Back to my spasms, not sure what happened.

    Agnes no periods for me.
    Sorry that happened to you.
    That's bad. Be careful.

    Cara I use to have horrible AD.
    I have to wear glasses now. It ruined my eyesight.

    Sorry Nick that's the way it happens.
    Hospitals are full of germs.
    I've had 3 surgerys to remove bladder stones.

    Thanks AAD for concuring on the yrly test.

    I'll keep you updated.

    (posting my 2nd opinion on other thread also)

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    Mona, mine does the same thing. It started a tear ago. Never had them before. I went to the Urologist and he said i had Ecoli. I've taken plenty of antibiotic's. I went back and they did and Ultra-sound and xrays and found nothing. So, don't know. Maybe I still have Ecoli.
    Since my augmentation, I have never had to take and oxibutin.
    Hope you figure it out.
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    Hi, Im soo glad you got a proper urology team to look into it.. I have yet to find a urologist ANYWHERE around here that has any idea about SCI related issues. Stay with these people, from what you have writen they seem to know what they are doing, and it is very important as a patient to feel that they care.. Hope you feel better soon..

    Just in case, could you please tell me where is this urology team?

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    Thanks Mary,
    I hope you don't have ecoli. Do you feel sick?

    Thanks Agnes,
    Yeah they were top notch!
    Sure they're in Dallas Texas

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    Well it didn't do it for 5-6 nights,
    then the last 2 nights its shook really bad.
    It onlys shakes at night, in the 1st hr after I get in bed.
    It doesn't shake when I'm awake.
    But as soon as I fall asleep it starts shaking.
    Stops & starts for about 30 mins.

    What is this?

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