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    Last night when I went to bed I urinated like every hour and a half but the thing is my urine didn't have an odor or look cloudy. I couldn't sleep at all sometimes I would only get an hour in of sleep then have to go again. I can't figure out why I went so much, has anybody else had this before?

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    Frequent urination can be a sign of a UTI or bladder spasms can also cause this. I suggest you see your clinician to r/o UTI. Do yo have any other symptoms?


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    how can you tell if you have bladder spasms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy22
    how can you tell if you have bladder spasms?
    A bladder spasm is when your bladder contracts. This increases the pressure inside your bladder and three things may happen. First, you might have a full blown micturition reflex and your sphincter lets go and you become incontinent. Second, you contract and the sphincter partly opens and you leak urine. This is associated with urgency and you may get autonomic dysreflexia associated with this (i.e. high blood pressure, increase in heart rate, headache). Third, very high pressures develop in your bladder, enough to overcome the valves that stops urine reflux into your ureters (the tubes that go from your kidney to bladder. Urine may go up the ureter into the kidney. If the urine is infected, this may cause a kidney infection with associated fever.


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    whats good to take to prevent bladder infection? does methenamine mandelate work very well?

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