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Thread: Permobil Problem???

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    Permobil Problem???

    I own a Permobil C500 Lowrider. Recently the chair has been going crazy. Here's the problems I'm having so if anyone can help figure out whats wrong I'd be thankful.

    I can turn it on but it won't move. After switching it on/off a few times it'll sometimes work.

    When its working it'll go from wide open to barely moving, back to wide open and then dying.

    Sometimes when I stop it dies.

    I took it to the shop where they reworked the computer. It worked decent for a day but then back to acting up. Its now back in the shop now where they are looking for the mystery problem.

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    I'd also contact the Permobil rep for your area - you can find your local rep on the Permobil site. Sometimes it takes one of these guys to 'direct' your local DME. Good luck!

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    they spoke with permobil. i had a permobil tech messege me after posting this and he's to call the shop to assistant. hopefully it fixes things since we all hate to be stranded.

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