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Thread: New pain sitting in wheelchair

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    New pain sitting in wheelchair

    Starting last Sunday my bottom really hurts every day.
    Of course I can't tell for sure where (c7), but it seems like my ischels.
    Or the creases between your private area and your leg.
    Hurts so much I can't stand it, and I'm afraid my skin is breaking down.

    But when I get off my bottom in bed,
    it's the normal light pink & turns flesh color in a few minutes.
    No problem at all.

    This has happened 4 nights out of 5.
    Hurting bad but no problem.
    I even look myself to make sure the attendant is looking good.
    Nothing's changed.

    I would say I'm imagining this,
    but I've also had a lot of finger twitching too.
    At the same time it's hurting.
    New finger movement, I'm not use to.

    Can you start feeling more than you use to (17 yrs later)?
    Like I've always hurt this much, but I'm feeling it more?

    It's scarey to hurt so bad but not know why.

    Thanks, Mona.

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    something I've always noticed over the past 30 years is almost every year there is something new. Although they may seem like very small or minor changes, they are like huge to me.

    Grats on the finger!
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Also keep an eye on your skin- he fact that it stays red for several minutes is that presure is building up. make sure you are doing pressure releases every 15 min in your chair. Also, see if you have athis pain sensation when you are not in our chair.


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    Thanks Mr B first time for me.
    The last few days I don't feel the pain as much.
    Yep love the fingers, any part that will give you a sign.

    Thanks AAD
    The Rehab said every 2 hrs.
    My wheel chair reclines.
    So I lay back when I feel pain or at least every 2 hrs.

    I'm doing the same thing but no pain.
    I guess my sense of touch/feel was working better those days.
    Thanks for helping.

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