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Thread: Where is the bottom for Microsoft?

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    Where is the bottom for Microsoft?

    Leave out any Yahoo venture.

    Where is the bottom?

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    Besides MSFT 27.68 coming down to where it is undervalued, I know housing is in the shitter but Hovnanian Enterprises, - HOV is near it's 52 week low.

    Any ideas on where/when the bottom is reached.

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    Also, when is Geron- GERN a good buy.

    It is almost at its 52 week low. Now 4.78.

    I can't help but think it's undervalued,

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    Microsoft's probably going to fluctuate in its current state for a while. The Vista service pack didn't help, so nobody's clamoring to upgrade, and Blu-ray won the next-gen DVD format war. (Xbox 360s shipped with HD DVD drives.)

    There are rumors that Microsoft will be releasing a Blu-ray-capable Xbox 360 soon, which might bump the stock for a day or two if true, but probably not longterm. The PS3 shipped with Blu-ray, so it's the more attractive option right now.

    Microsoft is trying to go "open," but to little effect.

    Microsoft needs to announce something huge, but has nothing up its sleeve until Windows7 -- 2009 at the earliest.

    GERN will go up when they announce the start of clinical trials, but will drop back down if there's no miraculous recovery.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    I think msft is a good buy right now. It's down right now because traders are thinking that they might have to raise their bid for yhoo.

    But when you look at a stock like msft you really can't think your going into something that your going to make a lot of money on. It's a safe stock.

    It's hard for a stock like msft to make any big move because it has a market cap of 257billion, so no one thing is going to make it move to quick.

    This is the type of stock you hang on to and look for 5 to 10% return per year.

    This could be a good option play because you can purchase a lot of contracts and tie up a lot of shares with very little money and get a very good return.

    As far as gern, this stock is a risky play. But you can make a lot of money with it. The stock has no real earnings. Which means your hoping for them to come up with something big to generate huge revenue.

    These types of stock get hammered in recesssions because the risk looks to risky.

    I personally own a lot of options on this stock. The great thing about this stock it a great trader type stock because it's so cheap to buy a lot of shares in.

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    Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., spoke Wednesday afternoon to more than 400 students at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. Hundreds more students listened at remote locations on campus.

    The talk, titled “Bill Gates Unplugged: On Software, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Giving Back,” covered a variety of topics, including how Gates got interested in computers, where he sees technology heading and how Microsoft researchers collaborate with university researchers and others worldwide.

    Gates’ visit to the University of Chicago is part of a five-campus university tour, in which he is emphasizing the importance of digital innovation in driving the global economy. He also is addressing societal issues and the benefits afforded careers based in mathematics and science.

    Bill Gates' Transcribed Remarks

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    Thank you both.

    I just bought an online subscription to Barrons so this is all very new to me.


    does this mean for now, maybe Amgen is the better buy?

    I mean because of the fact that GERN is just a sit and wait for a miracle?

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    Apple is down almost 50% since Dec 28th 2007 ... OUCH!

    The high in December was $202.96 and Friday it closed at $119.46.

    No bottom found in AAPL yet.


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    Here is part of an article from Tech Trader Dailey

    Apple Has “Slashed” Its 2008 NAND Flash Order Forecast; iSuppli Sees Rough Year For Memory Makers
    Posted by Eric Savitz

    Apple (AAPL) has “slashed its 2008 order NAND order forecast significantly and has informed suppliers that its demand growth will slow in 2008 compared to 2007,” according Nam Hyung Kim, chief analyst for the memory market at market research firm iSuppli. The finding is consistent with recent reports of slowing demand for both iPods and iPhones.

    Kim made the comment as part of a general warning about the NAND Flash memory market for 2008.

    In a new forecast, iSuppli now says it sees global NAND Flash revenue growth in the single digits in 2008 over last year, down from a previous forecast of 27% growth. “With consumer confidence taking a dive due to the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the NAND market outlook has diminished considerably in 2008,” iSuppli said in a statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    Thank you both.

    I just bought an online subscription to Barrons so this is all very new to me.


    does this mean for now, maybe Amgen is the better buy?

    I mean because of the fact that GERN is just a sit and wait for a miracle?

    If your new to investing in stocks I would definitly take it slow and play it safe. I've been doing it for over 20yrs and still fine new things out. Markets change from time to time so the best way to start out is to invest in stocks with a long term outlook.

    Personally the best books out their to start with is peter lynch. He has a very simplistic approach and he's one of the best past stock pickers. Then move on to books like jim cramer's or the motley fools. Personally I think the motley fools is better. They also have a very good web site with discussion boards were you can get help and tips from other investors. Plus they got articles on how to evaluate stocks and visit their caps page. Thats were you can see what others rank what ever stock your interested in. The web address is

    Oh, and if you watched cramers show don't take his picks seriously. Do your own evaluation on them first. The first thing to look for is the PE price earnings. tipically you don't want to invest in a stock thats selling more than twice its growth rate. But as you learn more about stock you will fine some of them break that rule. The fast way to fine the PE and its growth rate is to look at it's PEG. If it's 1 it's selling at its growth rate and if its 2 its selling at it's twice its growth rate. And the page I like to fine these items are at
    Theirs a lot more to learn but thats a good start.

    And remember certain sectors sell at different PE'S. Like a growth stock might sell for twice its growth and value stock's might sell for half its growth rate. And it's different in what type of martket were in like, bull or bear.

    If you really injoy investing you'll really going to fine this fun and challenging.

    I could go further put I don't want to confuse you. Reading some books will really help. Good luck!

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