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Thread: Masters degree

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    Masters degree

    After 2 years of BS with vocational rehab they finally agreed to pay for me to get my masters degree. They will only pay if I am going full time. I am looking into online bc I have to work as well. I have to get the ball moving now. I haven't applied because I thought they'd still say no and I knew I couldn't pay. I wish I could start out part time and work into this.

    Wish me luck, with 2 kids, a job and a number of other things going on in my life right now I'm going to need it.

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    that is incredible! I wish you the best of luck!
    I'm single , not working, and couldn't manage part-time studies so in my book you're a hero

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    I don't know how I'm going to do it. It's like they won't pay unless you quit work to go full time. As usual the system going backwards. I can't quit to concentrate on school without incurring debt and using food stamps. Plus I have a good job that the experience will prove useful with this degree. That same old danged if you do danged if you don't.

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    I guess their twisted logic is that if you are working and going part time, you don;t need to get the masters to work, so they dont have to pay for it, so you can get a job in your field.

    Using that logic they also don;t need to pay for ANYONE's education b/c you can always find a low level unskilled job answering phones or something.

    I'm sorry that you have to make this choice. I can see that full time is probably impossible, with the fact that you still have to support yourself, and you have kids!

    I was working on my masters part time when I had kids, and found that too much some times!

    Since you have fought with them this long, I doubt their offer will get any better, I hate to say it but I think part time, when you can afford it will be a better choice.

    Will the place you are working cover your classes? Many will? Check with your Human Resources Dept.
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    voc rehab

    I'm 9 years retired from voc rehab. The federal enabling legislation doesn't say anything about part-time vs full-time. You can appeal any decision voc rehab makes, you might want to consider appealing the full-time part. Where I worked (Michigan) appealing was not a big deal and often rather than launching the appeal process our district supervisor would just overturn the counselor's decision and go ahead and provide the service according to the client's preference.

    Good luck!

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    I'm just taking one course online and finding it a lot .. and I'm off work right now.

    Don't take on too much for yourself, setting yourself up for failure ... or you'll never do it. Good luck with your decision (and I'd appeal if you can).
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    After readomg Ancient's post ..... go for part time, but appeal the decision!
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    Many colleges and universities offer creative scheduling for masters degrees, particularly MBA's. For ex. you take one class at a time and it lasts for 6 weeks and then you start a new class, etc. And this is considered full time. There maybe a creative alternative for you out there. The good part is that you get your degree faster than part time. Good Luck, whatever you decide.

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    Good luck !!! It will be very difficult, but if anyone ca do it, its you....

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    As many have said if you appeal their decision and state reasons why this isn't a plan of action you can manage, i'm sure you can turn it in your favor. For example, voc rehab in my state doesn't wanna help pay for vehicle modifications until my junior year of college and that's way too long for me, so i was told to simply write a letter about the reasons why their funding would add to my independence (when pertaining to school and job) right now, and if i justify it that way it's much easier for them to cave in. Just put up a fight! Good luck with everything i truly admire your ambition. I can tell you're a hard worker.
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