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Thread: Travelling by Greyhound bus

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    Travelling by Greyhound bus

    Has anyone ever travelled on Greyhound in a power chair?
    I am thinking about making an 8 hour trip on Greyhound and I am wondering a few things
    Is the wheelchair seating area big enough to tilt my chair?
    Will they let me off at rest stops to use the bathroom and will the bathrooms be accessible?
    Will I be allowed to travel in my power chair and bring a manual chair? The manual will be new - what are the chances it will get damaged?
    I would be travelling from Toronto to Cinncinnati.


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    For more information see here:

    Keys to a Successful Trip
    Assistance is available to customers with disabilities when they travel within the Greyhound system. There are three simple steps that will help us serve you.
    1. Contact the Greyhound Customers with Disabilities Travel Assistance Line at 1-800-752-4841 at least 48 hours prior to your departure.
    2. Provide the phone operator information about your specific travel needs and schedule.
    3. Inform our employees and contractors of your needs during your trip.
    I called them once, they seemed very helpful. I've always wanted to do it for fun and adventure sometime.

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