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Thread: What are we driving?

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    What are we driving?

    I know we've been down this road before (Pun intened, lol), but my son just totaled his Vibe (rolled it on the interstate, rolled away from this one somehow. good seatbelts?). So we're back in the market. T12 para. Very active, good transfers, 21 years old. Been driving my Envoy, but it's pretty tall to deal with long term. Ideas? Best suggestions?

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    Lots of good candidates out there, although the insurance company may kill you when its said and done

    Another Vibe/Matrix. Madza3 or 5, Honda Fit, VW Rabbit 3 door would rock. You'll get a LOT of recommendations. Glad to hear your son's OK.


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    I use a folding chair, so the Chevy Colorado mid-size pickup I bought 2 years ago has been working very well for me. I got the factory lowered ZQ8 suspension, that sits about 2" lower than stock, so transfers are pretty easy. It's actually the easiest vehicle I've owned to get myself and chair, in and out of. The extended cab, with the reverse opening rear doors makes loading and stowing my 2HP a snap.

    I had go with the base trim package, in order to get a bench seat. The only modification I needed to have done, was to take it to an upholstery shop and have the "non-folding armrest" section removed from the driver seat back. Simple afternoon job, that only cost around $300.

    Locking rear differential, electronic traction control, and a few sandbags in the back, and only the very worst blizzards keep me at home.

    22 mpg with the inline 5 cylinder, on my daily commute. Which is about 3/4 highway, 1/4 city driving.

    With al the incentives GM is offering, and GM Mobility picking up the tab for hand controls, they can be quite affordable to buy.

    Good Luck...


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    I really like my Corvette. We have a Grand Prix for a family car and a Vibe. Being four doors they are much harder to work with for me. A two door hatchback I have found to be the best. Or a minivan etc. that you can put the chair in whole, but I prefer a sports car.

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    I drive Linda .. lol.. (to madness)

    we have a '90 minivan I find it easy to get in and out of but it is about on it's last leg. we went out car shopping (not being wealthy and wanting to pay cash, we went used) we ended up with a '95 Mercury Mystic it is older but I put new tires on all the way around. the engine sounds and runs good. no leaks. 68,000 mile, but it is a lot smaller. I can walk short distance, my chair does fit in the trunk with room to spare.

    what ever your choice is I hope it will fit your needs.

    oh, I forgot to mention I am only the passenger, Linda does all the vehicle driving
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    Very active? T-12?

    If you worried about speeding, try finding a Ranger extended cab with the smaller engine. (Not the 3L - gas hog!)

    Very easy getting in and out.

    I'm a t12 drive a 2004 Scion xB. I use a quickie Revolution for the car, easy getting in and out. (to me anyway)
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    We like our Mazda 5 also. What hand controls do you have and which side of the steering wheel are they located? I missed your other thread-sorry.

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    I have my original 7 series BMW...probably not the best for someone 21. But my para buddies roll in 3 series, a jeep cherokee and the subaru WRX. We all use rigid TRs or ZRs.
    July 2006 T3/T4 Para

    Out of all the schooling and course work and parenting i received, i can't help but think someone should have warned me about this....Paralysis Blows.

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    momo: I have left side hand controls. sorry but i do not know the make. They are down for gas (towards the floor), push for brake.

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