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Thread: Personal satellite/GPS messenger and tracker.

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    Personal satellite/GPS messenger and tracker.

    Where I live cell phone service is spotty but mostly does not exist.
    I use my OmegaTrac PC to go everywhere by myself when the weather cooperates, unlike now. Although I have emergency whistles and a strobe lite if I break down, that is no guarantee that I will be located.
    There is also concern that I will become stuck or fall over as I have been close to doing both.

    A new GPS personal locater, messenger and tracker has become available.
    We have had Personal locater beacons available for locating lost and stuck folks for years, but they are very expensive ($500.00) and lacked any type of messaging. You never initiate a search with a PL beacon unless it's a fore shore emergency.
    This new devise will become a real lifesaver as it becomes more widespread. Individuals can send a message to friends informing them of their location or push a button to alert emergency officials.

    This is very exciting to me as now I can manage to get into even more difficult situations.

    This unit is called a SPOT Satellite Messenger and Tracker. Its $150.00 and requires a $100.00 annual service fee. Not too expensive for what it does. In extreme/wilderness situations I would defer to a PLB, but in more civilized locations the SPOT will be just fine.

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