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Thread: The probability of walking with movement in only one leg

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    I am c5/c6 incomplete. I have gotten 30% return to one side and have a drop foot, I need the use of a brace to walk farther than 100 ft. I have to do a hip swing to get that leg started in moving and have a lot of trouble with hyper extending of the knee and this almost drops me but with the use of the quad cane I manage to stay up most of the time. I am 2 yrs post and still working at it. it will be some thing you will always be struggling with but it does help to be some what mobile of the chair, especially around the house. with you going to Shepard's you will get a lot better care than I did.
    good luck

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    didnt know you walked darrel.

    good job! you're only 2 years post??? I was under the impression you were a veteran.

    i think a lot of times i confuse you with dan nc for some odd reason....

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