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Thread: Isis Live @ Stanton Elementary - All Ages Show

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    Isis Live @ Stanton Elementary - All Ages Show

    so my little mocosa, Isis, sang with the rest of her Kinder class this morning.
    Naturally i took the camcorder to record her performance. She did the funnies/grossest thing in front of everyone that i HAD to share with others.
    Fatty and I were scolding her not to be doing that but we couldnt help but laugh... i mean, it IS funny
    take a look and enjoy!!

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    ewwww....leave it to Isis!

    I hope her show went well, aside from her grossness...
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    LMFAO, that kid is great.

    I hope this won't be blackmail material when she starts dating.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by CurlieQCarrie
    LMFAO, that kid is great.

    I hope this won't be blackmail material when she starts dating.....
    It is SO not JUST blackmail for the dating years but payback for embarassing me! lol!

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    Ewwwww Nick, she probably didn't eat anything .. so she must have gone


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    I got one of my daughter "digging" while checking out the giraffes at the zoo on a school trip....

    Priceless....I didnt use it as black mail yet though. LOL

    Isis...what a kid and obviously bored at this "big" school function...LOL Very Cute!!!
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    Cathy J

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