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Thread: Michigan drivers

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    Same thing here. I knew I needed to renew my license in Aug. Went into our local DMV w/ my daughter (she now has her permit so if you are in N. MN watch out j/k) and renewed my license. No restrictions, nothing. The person at the desk just took my current license, asked if I used hand controls and then asked three other people what was next. I don't have hand controls yet. My doc. also told me there was nothing special I needed to do for my license. I guess MN is different.


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    Momo3 .... I actually renewed my liscense before I even started the process .... I was due to expire, I just rolled in, no questions asked. Rolled out with a renewed liscense. They control things in CT by requiring a script from the dmv to buy hand controls.
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    I wanted to kind of wrap things up for this post now that I received my license this past Wednesday.

    The process for me went just as FasterNow had explained:

    "One way to do this would be:
    1) Have your doctor fill out the form (which you've already done)
    2) Get a prescription for drivers ed with hand controls
    3) Take and pass a drivers ed course with certified hand control trainers. Drivers ed duration will vary based on previous driving experience and your ability to use the hand controls.
    4) Make an appointment for driving test with Secretary of State
    5) Take the road test at the Secretary of State"

    It took from early Jan. when I got my dr. letter (Di4P) till July 30th when I passed the road test and got my license.

    Drivers ed would be the biggest time variable for this process because of the level of injury, time since last driven, ect will require more or less sessions. I'm C5/6 and took 10 sessions, but it really is unique to each person. I would guess I'm at the high end of the time it takes. Some may be able to get the process done a month or two quicker.

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    I finally finished the certification process last Friday. After all the buildup, training, and anticipation, the driving test with the State was surprisingly easy. Really just a drive around the block, probably took ten minutes.

    So now I have a real driver's license again. Funny, I thought I'd be more excited, but then I can't really hit the road yet. I still need a prescription for the hand controls, to contact the State to get them covered, and to schedule a time to get them installed... probably still looking at a month before I can actually drive!

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