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Thread: Round Betty Wheels

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    Round Betty Wheels

    Hey ,

    I'm a c7 quad and I manufacture wheelchair wheels. I started my conmpany [Round Betty] a year ago. I would like to get some feed back on this wheel I designed called the Enzo . It is a fixed 5 spoke design made out of 6061-t6 aluminum its pretty light weight and strong with no matienance to it at all It is available in 24"[540] 25"[559] and soon 26" [590] I offer custom finishes. Here is some pics of the wheel. I will also be releasing a new design in the works soon. My web site is
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    How much do they weigh? How do the hand rims attach? How much do they cost?

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    Round Betty Wheels

    They weight is 2.5 pnds without handrings/tubes/tires the handrings attach directly to the spokes and they can be fine tuned to each users desired width. The cost will vary depending on the finish , handrims and tires .But the estimated cost I believe will be around $550.00 range per set complete.

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    Round Betty Wheels

    Here is detailed info on the wheels options/tech specs.

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    Round Betty Wheels Feed Back

    Here is some pictures of the Round Betty wheels on a couple of different model of chairs. One is a Lasher Sport and the other is Next Mobility and the other my personal custom chair I made for myself. Also included is a pdf of all the options/tech specs . I would like to get some feed back from people of what there initial thoughts are on the wheels. The design is a fixed 5 spoke design [no truing loose or damaged spokes] it is a aluminum wheel so it is fairly light rigid and responsive. It is offered in 24" [540] 25"[559] and soon in 26" [590] . Any input or questions would be appreciated.

    Thanks , RB

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    Round Betty Wheels Feed Back

    Sorry, here are the other pics.


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    Hey there Erick - I chanced upon meeting a friend of yours here in Ballard who tuned me in to your company/products. Also met someone who rolls on your wheels and really liked them. How does one go about checking them out?

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    Well since your local to me you could easily get a pair from me direct to take a look at. My contact info is on my web site . Or you can go through on of the local medical suppliers [Care med , Wheelchairs NW] .


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    Erick, in all seriousness, send a demo pair to SCI_OTR for review. Search his posts here. He knows his stuff & people listen to him. That may be more beneficial than you think...

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    Scott , Sounds like a good idea . I will try and get in contact with him on it.

    Thanks .

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