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Thread: My doctors office... What do you think?

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    My doctors office... What do you think?

    Some of you here know my situation in my past post about the new methadone restrictions law and about what is happening to me. I would personally like to here what others think about my current doctors office!

    # 1 The 2 years I have been going here I started out seeing my regualr doctor every time. He lost his license and Now I have seen 6 different doctors.
    - Why should I have to see a different doctor everytime I go to the doctors office? I have to re-tell my whole story everytime and re-do a phsyscial for each one which is very painful for me

    # 2 This clinc has 4 doctors working there that can-not right out narcotic medication. Yet there pain doctors? Theres only 2 doctors that can write out the scripts.
    - This is the pain cause sometimes they make us wait 6 hours till the doctor that can write the script to come in or tell us to come back the next day to pic up are perscription

    # 3 Ill make my appointment at 10am in the morning, I wont finally leave that office untill 3pm. I usuallly have to spend on average between 3-6 hours waiting at that office.

    # 4 I remember one time loud and clear when my real doctor dr. WWWWW lost his license and I had my appointment on saturaday at 11am. This office called me at 10am and told me that I could no longer go to this clinic and there shutting down. No patients scheduled that day or the rest of the month could see a doctor.
    - I was given a 1 hour notice to find a new doctor and was completly out of meds because I go to the doc every 30 days on the dot! Boy did I panic here and called every doctor in the phone book. BAD BAD BAD! After I finally found a new doctor to take me in 3 days I got a call back from my original clinc saying OH you can come in now we got lucky and found a doctor to cover us. So obviously this clinic does not have a backup doctor/plan just incase something happens

    # 5 I see patients at this clinic complaining about how messed up there back is and there sitting in a chair waiting with there legs crossed and twisting ans turnign every which way. There name gets called and they fly/jump right out of there seat as if there 3 years old. ????? Um your back is messed up?????

    # 6 Since they reduced everyone in the clinics who was on methadone down to 60mgs a day they put a sign up saying that if your medication isnt working and you need to see a doctor again you will have to pay the full fee to see the doctor no matter how many times you have to see the doctor this month. ***BRAND NEW SIGN**** since they been dropping everyone meds

    # 7 Since they been dropping everyones meds and been having patients flipping out and having to come in twice or three times amonth because of these drastic drops in meds they also raised the price to $150. When I first went to this doctor I was paying $75. Then it went too $100, and then $125 and now $150!

    # 8 They only accept cash and wont accept ANY kind of insurance

    These are all the things I can think of at the moment and there are problly more. I WOULD LOVE TO HERE WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT THIS CLINIC.

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    Ummmmmm, do you have any other options? Y ou shouldn;t have to put up with this. Do you have to pay for a "office visit" evey month when you get your refill? I have a script that I have to get a refill for every month, but my doctor doesn;t charge me for an offivce visit every time.

    If I were you I would definately try to find a different place.

    The fact that they don;t take any insurance, and have difficulty having doctors than can write scripts makes me wonder about them as well.
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    I found this website:

    I wonder if lack of treatment could be considered malpractice?

    I cant believe they are treating you this badly.

    Lots of Methadone clinics are shady places. I wonder as Sjean does how legitimate this clinic is if they dont take insurance and require you to pay for every appointment like they are making you do.
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    Methinks it's time for you to start a serious search for a new clinic! At this point it would even be worth going out of town, if that's what it takes to get the treatment that you need.

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    Guesstimation here: The "practice" no longer accepts insurance to avoid prosecution for fraud.

    Doctors who don't accept any insurance and are cash only should raise red flags, IMNotSoHumbleO. When only one doctor out of several can write scripts for patients and it's a pain management facility, something is very wrong. Are the other doctors actually licensed? What are their standings with the medical board?

    Also, it seems since you must see the doctor and pay to see the doctor, he/she knows you have very limited options or he/she would not do this. It's almost like a drug dealer who gets you kooked and then, has you returning for more and more.

    Start over. Go to a doctor who accepts insurance.

    Report these doctors, their medical practice and lack of patient care. You may save someone's life.
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    Noticed you don;t have anything in your profile. Do you have an sci? Could your physiatrist recommend another pain doctor? This place doesn't feel legit to me.
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    One doc lost his license, and only two out of six can write prescriptions. Why? Have their prescription privileges been revoked by the medical board? I agree that this place sounds like a drug dealing facility, not a pain management clinic. I would run, not walk, to a different clinic.

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