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Thread: Climbing post-SCI

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    Isn't yoga great ? I started doing Iyengar in 2000 and it helps so much. Pre-injury I felt like it helped me rock climb better.

    I used to love doing shoulderstands, but have been scared to do those now because of all the hardware in my neck

    Right now I can balance for 90 seconds or more on my right foot, but only 20-30 on my left. It's fine for hiking, especially if I have a balance aid, but sometimes in rock & ice climbing you have to make delicate balancy moves, and it sort of worries me, but we'll see how things work out in 4 more months ...

    Thanks for the good wishes. I read that you are walking pretty much normally these days - fantastic !

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    That’s an amazing picture Rhyang! I think I would avoid the headstands. I am lucky not to have any hardware.

    My walking is normal these days. I am running about 20 miles a week. I am trying to ramp up to 30… hopefully by June.

    I love the outdoors and I can’t wait to get back out there. Hopefully my other SCI issues will continue to improve as well.

    Take Care.

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    whoa. those are awesome shots, rhyang.

    Looks like you're back doing what you love to do. CONGRATS!!! I bet it feels great!!!

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    Thanks man ! I feel pretty good. Sounds like you are making some excellent strides yourself ! Told ya

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    We were pulling the kayaks out of the water last night and a guy came up telling me about his friend Chris Waddell. Adding to his many achievements, he's planning an ascent of Killimanjaro. This video is worth the watch just to see his custom built mountain crawler...I want one!

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    Wow, that looks cool ... my roommate in rehab was a T7-8 (I think) para, an ex-Army guy who could bench 260 pounds, so he would probably love it

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    Well, I thought I would update my thread, in case someone else finds themselves in a similar situation ..

    I've been rock climbing for about six weeks now, after my neurosurgeon cleared me to go ahead and try it on toprope first. I've been doing balance exercises, core exercises and yoga and of course lots of cardio.

    I've been climbing in the gym twice a week (toproping), and outside on the weekends, mostly toproping and following, though I've managed to lead a 5.7 bolted slab route and several 5.6 trad pitches. On Sunday I led my first 5.7 trad route since the accident (well, the 5.7 part was rather short ) in Yosemite Valley.

    My first trad lead was on Labor Day .. a nice 5.2

    I'm definitely getting stronger, but it's going to take time to retrain my footwork and build up climbing endurance. If there is one piece of advice I can give to anyone who wants to get back into it -- don't give up your dreams !

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    I was an enthusiastic rock/ice/ski mountaineering person prior to my L1 incomplete spinal cord injury.
    Did ice in Ouray, Rifle, CO, and in Banff and climbed Slipstream up there. Also did alpine routes in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. Ski toured in the central BC ranges. And climbed in the Bugaboos including the Chouinard-Becky route on South Howser. Many routes on El Cap too. Man, do I miss my former life.
    Good to know there are other climbers out there.

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    I saw your picture of Shasta. I live in Reno, NV and every spring we would go do a ski descent of Shasta in a day. Usually the north faces which have better snow. a 7200 ft run - can't beat that. I have also dreamed of having my buddies drag up my sitski and I could crawl up the peak and do a first monoski descent of the peak. I could climb it with crampons and to long axes with possibly a short rope to a friend. Maybe next spring......

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    Slipstream Wow, I am just a wannabe compared to you

    I wish you luck on Shasta this spring ! I went up to Brewer Creek in mid-June to do Hotlum-Wintun Ridge and there were skiers galore. Spent the night at around 9200' or so .. didn't sleep well though and headed back down in the morning Still, it's always beautiful on the mountain, succeed or fail ..

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