Pre-SCI I climbed both rock and ice, leading to about 5.7 trad and WI3-4. My neurosurgeon says I should not resume climbing for about a year post-injury (I will see him again for my 6 month followup in about 2 weeks).

Curious to know if there are any other climbers out there ... I've exchanged some emails with a few people who were able to resume rock climbing after SCI and have heard a few anecdotes. Haven't heard from any ice climbers though.

One thing I've read is that with a multilevel cervical fusion, there is the possibility of problems later with other parts of the spine, due to increased stress. I wonder if climbing could make this worse, or make it happen faster.

From what people tell me, most doctors really don't understand climbing, so they are likely to err on the conservative side ... which is fine, except that I would like to start training again and it seems like going to the gym and toproping ought to be good PT ... ok, maybe that's just wishful thinking

(don't worry, I plan to listen to my doc ... I guess I'm just counting the months )