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Thread: "You're such a good person ..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendell
    I think it's the weight loss, plus the fact that her hat, glasses and oxygen tubing obscure her face. So I took a pic of her minus all of the above - does this look like someone old enough to be the mother of a 45 year old?
    No, she doesn;t. She does look much younger w.o the hat and glasses tho.

    The chair adds a lot of years as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendell
    Fortunately she's not vain, but she's not loving it either. She hasnt cried - yet. Now I know this has been a rough year for Debbie - she's been sick a lot and lost a great deal of weight pretty quickly, but come on! I think it's the weight loss, plus the fact that her hat, glasses and oxygen tubing obscure her face. So I took a pic of her minus all of the above - does this look like someone old enough to be the mother of a 45 year old?
    That is a beautiful picture - I love Debbie's eyes. She looks nowhere near old enough to be your mother.

    You both look wonderful together. Thanks for sharing.

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    I think that's a great photo of Debbie. She looks healthy to me.

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    Thanks, folks.

    Richard- I know Debbie isn't thrilled about it, but she usually jokes it off. She figures it's the opinion of the people who really know and love her that matters. Mostly- as long as I think she's a gorgeous hunk of woman, it's all good.

    Obie - Dispose of her hat??? Surely you jest! Debbie was born a Texan, and though she hasn't lived there in - ohhh- most of her life, she still considers herself a Texan through and through and feels naked without her hat. Problem is, apparently people also lose weight in their heads cause - when she was at her sickest - the hat started looking like a ten-gallon hat on a little kid. It's better than it was,but it's still riding too low on her head. O2 - yeah, can't do much about that. The glasses are reading glasses - I think she leaves them on most of the time so she has them when she needs them. I miss seeing more of her face. For me, initial attraction has a lot to do with the eyes - and muchly because of what you said. Her eyes have always fascinated me.

    BTW - bunyaks????? Translation, please?

    Jean, thank you. And I reckon you're right.

    Chris - thank you. You are so sweet. And congrats on the good career news - I wish you much continued success!

    Todd - SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont' jinx her! The last few weeks she has been the most stable I"ve seen her since last year. I'm so hoping it's the beginning of a trend rather than a temporary respite. There are still some issues she's dealing with, but - comparatively speaking - she is pretty healthy at the moment.

    I appreciate all the input. And Debbie appreciates all the nice comments. Thanks again!
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    Ah ... so I stand corrected on the hat and glasses issue ! I was imagining a big brimmed shading sort of hat and dark glasses a la mafia sort of thing under which to hide .... I have an over active imagination what can I say!!

    Bunyak (emphasis on the "yak") = shmuck/ putz/ bonehead ... in Ukrainian .... I simply love the word .... use it too often I'm afraid !

    I'm really glad to see and hear that Debbie is feeling better! It's high time you two got a break!

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    (Hey guys, I'm a newbie here) I find it humorous when people tell you how good of a person you are and how much you inspire them, but hardly any of those people bother to hang out with you or ask you if you want to go do something ...not that I mind, I appreciate the sentiments, it's just something I noticed.
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    Oh man I hate it when people tell me I'm such a saint or a good person. I wish they would just say "that's great" or "what a neat job". I'm not putting my life on the line for the country or anything... and I'm not toting a gun for law enforcement. So why am I a saint?
    I would just prefer if anybody wants to "thank me" a simple non-formal thank you note and be descreet.
    I dont need a parade or a balloon.
    I am simply doing this cause I happen to be good at it and no other reasons. I swear if I had an engeneers mind I would be doing that! LOL If i could invent something I would do that!
    I am just a simple person and thank goodness able to find something I'm good at. LOL

    Even if I could make more money or do better things, personally it's my nature to help out. There are helpers out in the world and then there are financiers ect...

    I wish I could thank the person's who helped me out so many times. I dont think that they are saints, certainly not some of them. Just people helping people.

    I just happen to be super awesome at it, that's all ... LOL but i already know that right?
    so i guess i dont need a pat on the back everytime I change a diaper. Its not like my mom did not do that fo me when i was a baby right?
    then all moms/dads are saints too and are caregivers by that logic.

    so thank you to all the people that wiped my butt too and that will wipe my butt in the future! LOL

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