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Thread: Anti-Scald devices

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    Anti-Scald devices

    Having just seen an outpatient (again) who scalded themselves in the tub, I want to remind everyone who lacks sensation or mobility about the risk for this for themselves and their family.

    While you can also turn down your water heater temperature, this can cause problems for use of dishwashers and other hot water uses in the home. These devices can be easily installed in either new construction or retrofitted in your current apartment or home, and they are available at Lowe's.


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    I think everyone should have an anti scald setup. Worth every penny.

    If anyone is going to be doing a complete renovation or new construction of a bathroom, give the Delta Monitor a look. You can set the temperature and pressure you want. If other water sources in the house are being used, the temp and pressure remains the same. When you're done, you can leave the temp setting for your next shower. And it's quad friendly, 1 big lever and a little slide adjuster for temp.

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    Thanks for the ounce of prevention, Kathy.

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