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Thread: Scientists Map Signaling Networks That Control Neuron Function

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    Scientists Map Signaling Networks That Control Neuron Function

    Scientists Map Signaling Networks That Control Neuron Function

    ScienceDaily (Jan. 29, 2008) — In the first large-scale proteomics study of its kind, researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine have mapped thousands of neuronal proteins to discover how they connect into complex signaling networks that guide neuron function. Their research -- using quantitative mass spectrometry, computational software and bioinformatics to match the proteins to their cellular functions -- may lead to a better understanding of brain development, neurodegenerative diseases, and spinal cord regeneration.

    Led by Richard Klemke, Ph.D., professor of pathology at UCSD School of Medicine and the Moores UCSD Cancer Center, the research team designed a new technology enabling them to, for the first time, isolate and purify neurites -- long membrane extensions from the neuron that give rise to axons or dendrites. This technological breakthrough opens the door to understanding how neurites form and differentiate to regenerate neuronal connections and give rise to a functioning network. It also led to the discovery of how two key signaling molecules are regulated by a complex protein network that controls neurite outgrowth.


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    Dr. Young,
    Do you ever read anything here, or anywhere, like this that excites you... where you say "Yeah! I can use that"
    please . . .test what you already know; and give us what you have. we may not be dying, but we certainly are not living either

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