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Thread: Pimple or pressure

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    Pimple or pressure

    Here's the deal. I have a new red spot on my butt right in an area I'd be sitting on. My wife noticed it last night when I got out of my chair and it was slightly larger than 1 cm. It appeared to lighten up slightly after getting off it and I decided to get up in my shower chair for bowel care and a shower this morning. After getting off the shower chair the red area was then about the size of a dime and shrunk back to around 1 cm size after staying off it. My wife says she doesn't feel a bone right underneath the spot. Last night she said the red spot was flat and today it's slightly raised. Could this just be a large pimple rather than a pressure related spot? The only thing I'm worried about is the fact it got bigger after pressure was applied, (although it decreased in size since then).

    I just tend to be more cautious because I've heard too many stories of people who had pressure sores which started out looking like nothing more than a blemish. Based on the information what should I do? I am now off it and we applied a benzoyl peroxide-based medication dermatologist gave me just to see what that would do.


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    It sounds pimply.. but I've heard of scrathes ending with major flap surgury.

    I'd say, if you can, don't spend as much time up as usual.

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    I to am very concerned about my bottom area and watch it carefully. I was positive I had a pressure sore but when my dermatologist looked at it she said it was a blackhead and she just squeezed it out. I was very grateful for that and I count my blessings.


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    doingtimeonmyass - does the mark have any scaling on it?
    I have psoriasis, and because of that, I get what looks and feel like raised red marks, which take quite a while to go, but it's not to do with pressure.

    Although, it being on the ass...hmmm.

    I'd echo Patonb and say definitely try to keep off it as much as you can. Better to be safe than sorry, and all that.

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    Be careful, there is a lot of staph going around and on your butt staph will appear the same way as described, while infection is growing inside. I've seen a few cases in the last few year and some get real bad before you can figure out what it is. I myself had one last year and it took surgery to get it drained.

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    I had a problem sometimes with acne on my back and twice now a pimple turned into an open area that I had trouble healing.
    I wish I could find a backrest that has better air circulation.

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    The rule for stage I pressure ulcers like this is to stay off it completely until it has completely faded, then continue to stay off it for twice that long. So if you were off it for 8 hours before it faded, you then should wait at least another 16 hours before sitting on it. If it is now hard or firm, it is moving on to becoming a much more serious pressure ulcer. This is called "induration".

    You must stay off it now completely. Watch to see when it starts blanching (is it blanching at all now?). This shows you are making progress. Then watch for when it completely fades (likely to be days or weeks at this point), then stay off it for twice that long. Start sitting then at short intervals and it if gets red again, you are down again.

    Don't put anything on it...dressing or ointments.


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    I used to get (boils) on my ass back in the day and they looked like what you described. Red and raised when irritated, but just hanging out when there left alone. I hated those things, a friend told me I was gettin them from using the toilet at work so never again did I dump outside of my house. Food for thought.

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    I'm afraid it's not a pimple at this point. It's on my left ass cheek and I was lying on my left side thinking I was putting absolutely no pressure on the area at all. Well the wedge behind my back shifted just enough to roll back right on top of it. The store is now 2 cm, (about the size of a dime or penny). It doesn't appear to be raised anymore and as far as firmness, it might be a little firm toward the center.

    I don't know how I am going to be able to pull off spending that much time in bed if I cannot go on my left side. If I go too much on either side I start getting a red spot on my hip although it goes away. It's hard for me to get on my stomach, and even then not for too long because it's not comfortable and harder to breathe. If I'm on my right side for more than just a couple hours it really starts to get sore. Coincidentally my right side is the side the doctors took bone from for the neck fusion.

    Is there a special bed I could rent to help me in any way? At the VA all the people I remember seeing who had very serious wounds were all on an air type bed. I realize at this point it isn't open and probably not a serious sore, I just want to know more in case this somehow gets worse. Thanks for reading and replying.

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    KLD, after staying off the sore it has shrunk down a bit closer to its original size when first noticed. If it's pressed on it turns white and then quickly back to red. My wife says it feels hard and I was wondering what that meant. I Googled "induration" and was reading something that was talking about the skin's reaction to an infection.

    I feel pretty stupid, but this is my first bona fide sore right on the ischial if you can believe that. As I recall in rehab they talked more about prevention than anything else.

    I'd like to thank you and everybody else for the helpful information.

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