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Thread: How does one go about buying a handgun?

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    How does one go about buying a handgun?

    For defense purposes of course.

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    go to the gun shop, try out as many as you can (many have private indoor ranges, although may be in basement) for fit and feel in your hand. Slap some money down, take a $25 test (in CA.) along with giving them your ID. Fill out some paperwork, 10 days later pick up your new piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    For defense purposes of course.
    It variesw greatly from state to state. Just go or call your local gun store and ask. Some states have waiting periods and some do not. All states are required to do a criminal background check. In most states that is all that is required to buy a gun.

    If you are having to ask then I STRONGLY urge you to seek training on using a gun before as soon as possbile. Maybe even before you buy one. Check with your local NRA chapter for a schedule of training classes.
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    Here is a site with some good information.
    Here is one for looking over guns:

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    or you should be able to call your local Sheriff's office and ask.

    Real world street prices here: Just acouple extra hoops to jump through for out of state internet purchases.

    When you get your gun, join the NRA and get some training.

    Good Luck...


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    Or you could buy one from a friend and skip all the paper work

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    The other guys have good advice, as laws vary widely by state. Hope you're not in New York though! Buying used from a friend can be a good option but you need to know what you're getting, as many people don't take care of /clean their firearms and/or mess them up trying their hand at gunsmithing. As for buying new at a gun shop they can take you thru the necessary steps to purchase your sidearm. Since they're much simpler, easier to use and generally cost less I would recommend a 4 or 6 inch barrelled .357 Magnum revolver...Ruger, S&W, Taurus all make good ones. You can safely fire .38 Special in a .357 provided you avoid using cast lead loads and clean after each range session. The gun shop can fill you in.

    More to the point, I'd recommend getting a .22 autoloader as well. I know you said you wanted a pistol for defense, which is great, but the thing about a .22 target pistol is IT'S FUN! You can buy a brick of .22 (500 rds) for less than 15 bucks most places, which will last all day, or till your thumb gives out loading magazines (get a loading tool btw, said thumb will thank you). Save your empty pop cans, or buy paper plates, depending on the range, and just enjoy yourself.

    Good luck and enjoy your new piece


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    Quote Originally Posted by nevada
    Or you could buy one from a friend and skip all the paper work
    Never, ever do this unless you go back generations. Then make sure the ID number is still on it. Might get a ballistics test too. This is how family members die when a 10 day wait for a pistol would get you back to your sane mind. An example not that the OP is a bit insane temporarily or even pissed off.
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    Thanks for the links, they are very informative!

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