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Thread: Botox in sphincter - incontinence?

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    Botox in sphincter - incontinence?

    Anyone know if Botox injections into external sphincter cause "total incontinence"?

    I am due to have this done next week due to dyssynergia and higher bladder pressures...I also am unable to intermittent cath as my sphincter clamps down so hard its impossible to pass the cath (I have tried everything) I am retaiing on avg 300cc or more and I can feel pains in my back (kidneys) so I need this done.

    The reason I ask is the nurse said it just "relaxes" the sphincter and helps the coordinate the bladder and reading on the forum and online a little, itseems that after this injection (they said "100 units") I will need an external cath AND WILL BE 100% incontinent? Anyone kinow for sure? Is there a way that they inject the sphincter to just get it to relax?

    Thank you for any help!

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    We have not had much success with sphincter Botox (unless bladder Botox), but yes, you must be prepared for a totally paralyzed sphincter which would be like having a sphincterotomy in that you would leak urine all the time and need to wear an ECC. There is no way before doing the injection to tell if you will get only a little "loosening" or complete paralysis with Botox.

    Have you already tried increasing Baclofen to try to relax the sphincter? It is a striated muscle, so can sometimes be partially relaxed this way, and Baclofen can be stopped at any time if it causes you too much leakage.

    Another option, but more invasive, might be to consider a Mitrofanoff procedure. This would allow you to be ECC free, and cath through a the Mitrofanoff without having to deal with the spastic sphincter.


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