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Thread: traveling aids?

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    traveling aids?

    My boyfriend (C5-C6 complete quad injured 7/07) and I are planning to travel in may. I was wondering if anyone could give us some tips on possibly getting an aid to travel with us, or if we can hire an aid where we are traveling to. The only thing he needs assistance with is his bowel (it's only a weekend trip so he will only need his bowel program done once) and a shower.

    Since we technically would only need the aid for about an hour on one day, we would prefer to hire someone there, but we aren't sure where to start in this process? Any tips?

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    You can private pay from a local home health agency, but will need to have a physician's order (usually one who is licensed in the same state), and if he needs bowel care, or caths, most states don't allow an aide to do this, so an LPN/LVN or RN would be needed (at much higher cost). In addition, some agencies have a minimum 4 hour shift for private pay. You are also likely to find that even an RN or LPN does not know how to do SCI bowel care, so you would have to instruct them.

    Have you offered to take his usual aide in addition for a free trip (with their free time on their own) including transportation and hotel? This is often easier than worrying about the dependability and quality of an unknown PCA.


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