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    Sue, Thanks for posting the information on Maryland! I'll be waiting for questions answered from Leo's post. I'd also like to see the meetings webcasted so we are better equipped to learn from the processes, but I do understand that it may not if they are not already mandated to do so. It would be great to see the processes during the awarding of this years 15 million.

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    I also live in upstate NY and haven't heard of any of this. What was the big secret? I supposed if they advertized they would have had to get a bigger room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelie-boy
    I also live in upstate NY and haven't heard of any of this. What was the big secret? I supposed if they advertized they would have had to get a bigger room.

    I also live in upstate New York, it must be a secret because I haven't heard a peep??

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    I feel I am always left out of the loop as well. Someone just happened to send me this in an e-mail attachment from a New York City group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY
    I do not wish to run a monopoly on this thread...but I would like a response from Dr. Wise concerning a few issues that came up during the annual New York Spinal Cord Injury Research Board Annual Meeting.

    1. 1,500 letters were sent out to possible sci participants through various doctors and medical centers with only a handful of responses concerning participation, research and clinical trials. Some of the board members got nervous when there was mention of a "registery" for imput from SCI folks. I gathered it was privacy related. In so many ways, it appears the board doesn't get any feedback from SCI folks. So the endless circle continues.
    I wonder if the SCI community should be much more involved in contacting the board members that give grants in the first place rather than so much time being spent on chasing politicians and fighting for funding through the NIH? It appears there could be more pressure and communication coming from the SCI community directly to the very boards that hand out these huge grants within the various "state" this correct? I just thought I was seeing lots of floundering for direction and various members wanting the funding to finally do some good. Should we have a group contacting these board members with feedback from the SCI community?
    (Incidentally, only ONE sci person was there. Probably the number desiginated during the formation of the board).

    2. With tons of money being awarded by these committees to various research groups and universities for more brick and mortar research on mice...why is there not a major push for all of the recipients to collaborate their findings and put the knowledge to bedside use? What group is ultimately responsible (if any) to actually do something with the results? It appears they could fund these 5 year mini basic science research projects worth millions from here to eternity but never put a cure together. I'm like Leo, I was frustrated just watching them trying to figure out what to do!!! I'm glad the webcast is now law for these meetings! I still can't quite believe what I saw! I'm glad this is on the web so others can see first hand!!! What was your take on this webcasted meeting?

    The New York SCI Research Board has been very collaborative. Most of their money has been invested in collaborative research, using the latest tools of internet to allow and encourage input from the community. By the way, the Keck Center does a lot of work with and for the consortium that is testing new drugs for spinal cord injuryr search. I wish that you were at the meeting. There were a number of people in wheelchairs at the meeting. I was there, attending. I will try to get the details on on to participate in the monthly meetings of their consortium. They welcome community partcipation.


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