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Thread: Backup power steering pump problems?

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    Question Backup power steering pump problems?

    Anyone got one of these in their vehicle?

    Mine in my van, a 94, is alarming... 6 months ago it did it because the flow sensor was gummed up... but the guys servicing my van cleaned it again and thats not it...they think its maybe a celenoid that triggers the pump/alarm. The pump works but does not get kicked in, just the alarm that its supposed to go on when the pump kicks in (even tho the pump is not needed to go on because theres no main failure) is ringing non-stop and not terminating itself after the van turns over.

    Anyone have one of these pumps and had any troubles with it after awhile?

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    my minivan had/has something similar to that(same logo, similar purpose, diff model tho) Every so often the alarm would go off if there was an electrical problem w/the van(had several of those) or if the power steering fluid was critically low(my lines were rusted & I had severe leaks, I lost A LOT of fluid). I'd suggest checking your fluid level & for leaks, then check your electrical system if that doesn't resolve the issue...

    ETA:my van is/was a '96...van itself is out of commision these days...
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    they checked the fluids, they were low... a celenoid to the alarm blew, they fixed that so the pump now kicks in but won't kick out...they're looking at another sensor and found a circuit board that got fried... so they need to order a circuit board minimum so far and are still looking... i told them to disconnect the pump/alarm and give the van back to me if tey need to order parts that'll take awhile cause i want to be able to get around... but they're still working on it

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