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Thread: Air Travel helllpp!

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    Air Travel helllpp!

    Hello Everybody I was hoping you might help me with these questions.

    If you travel on an aircraft and you are allowed to take 2 suitcases - I believe you can also store your wheelchair - but I wondered if you could also store a personal lift device as well as a shower chair? Is the lift and the shower chair and the electric wheelchair all exempt from the air lines quotas?

    Also, I was traveling recently and on one of the stops they used a 727 200 I think the model was and I was able to drive my electric wheelchair directly into the airplane and sit alongside of the seat and transfer - it really made things easier however the armrest was not removable. The way to get into the aircraft was driving into the second door farther back on the plane. It really was extremely easy to be able to drive right onto the airplane. Just thought I would mention this

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    Yes, as long as your equipment is marked as MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, it is not subject to excess baggage charges, and these charges don't apply to your chair, which you should gate check anyway.

    It is very rare to find a plane that allows you to do this, esp. if you don't have a first class seat. I wouldn't plan on it. Even if you know the plane before you go, they can change equipment any time on you.


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    thanks kld,
    can i bother you with some more questions

    do you know where I might be able to find something to print out I could give to the personnel at checkin?

    Could you recommend a really good portable travel lift and shower chair?
    thank youuuuuuuuuu

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    You can get a good booklet on your rights when flying from United Spinal Association. If you have any problems at the airport (within the USA), they are required to have a Compliance Officer on duty or on call 24/7, and this is who you ask for.

    Probably the best travel shower/commode chair is from Not cheap, but very nice, sturdy, and last a long time. They will also do considerable customization if needed.

    As far as lifts, I recommend either the Molift Smart or the Hoyer Advance for travel as the most compact, lightweight, and versatile.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    As far as lifts, I recommend either the Molift Smart or the Hoyer Advance for travel as the most compact, lightweight, and versatile.
    For about 6 months, we have been trying to decide between the Molift Smart and the Hoyer Advance. Doing internet searches brought me to this forum, which I'm very glad to find!

    Can you give some guidance as to which model you would choose and why? We need a power model, and the cost difference is $1000-$1200 between the two brands, with the Molift being more expensive.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    One question. Can I take an extra wheelchair in its original factory package (checked for air travel)?? I believe the package is 24 x 24 x 31 inches, which would excede the maximum girth. Would they allow it on the plane and would there be a charge? I am traveling to Miami and just bought a wheelchair that I need to bring back.
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    the Molift has a nice hardshell case available for it, with wheels at one end/handle at the other, as well as handles along the locking side. It's battery-powered, the charging unit is a separate piece that you drop the battery in to charge.

    All in all, a nice unit.
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