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Thread: Baclofen pump & pregnancy

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    Baclofen pump & pregnancy

    Any other women here gotten pregnant while using ITB? I've contacted Medtronics, not very helpful. So far this is the most helpful site I've found.
    Just found out last Tuesday I am pregnant. Have had my Baclofen pump for over 3years now.

    My concerns: will my pump move as I am futher along? could the catheter become dislodged if I gain too much weight? I am already having problems with the decreased level since last Friday - severe increase in spasticity but am worried about asking my dr. to go back to my previous dose for fear of hurting my baby.

    Any info. or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am afraid I don't have any experience with the baclofen pump in pregnancy. I know that oral baclofen is strongly discouraged during the first trimester. Suggest you discuss with both your physiatrist and your OB (try to get them on the phone with you at the same time).


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