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Thread: shopping idea for valentines or any holiday

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    shopping idea for valentines or any holiday

    i assume that many of you are just like me and the internet is my best friend for shopping. i dont have to deal with trying to juggle stuff in my lap and all of that. and i dont have to try to manuever the crowds at walmart! lol

    for anyone who is interested, i just found out that you can go to and order valentines candy! and if you spend up to a certain amount, shipping is free! you can buy all sizes and varieties, and even some stuffed they have an option where you can even pick the kind of candy to go into a customized box. just thought i would share this for anyone interested.

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    That's great Robin. Thanks. I'm gonna put in an order now

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    I was looking the other day for Valentine candy and ran into this site Everything is in bulk, but I was thinking if you have children, Grandchildrend, Nieces and Nephews that you buy for this would be the way to go. You could also use it for Easter and buy your own baskets. They have my favorite as a child.. ring pops lol.

    Thanks for the link spinky. I'm going to look into it more.
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    Ahhh the Russell Stover sampler - always eye catching.

    If you like chocolate - my favorite chocolate is from Malley's.
    You can buy on-line as well and you can even keep your boxes all MILK chocolate or all DARK chocolate based on the preference of the person you're buying for.

    Mr. Malley grew up in Lakewood and now his children run the business.
    It's always fun to know the original founder (or at least know of or seen etc.).
    Their chocolate and hot fudge is quite good.

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    Please check out for Russel Stover's before ordering directly. You'll still get free shipping if they use a code. Try:
    You just sign up and a percentage of your order from over 600 stores goes to the charity you pick. My charity gets an additional one time of $5 if you shop within 45 days of signing up. And the only spam you'll get is from Betty@Igive with new stores and specials. You can pick how often you want to see those.

    For the hard core chocolate lovers and those who are diabetic and been depriving yourselves check out They are a family owned shop that one of our first Spinewire members does the books and computer stuff for in DePere, WI. Their truffles beat Godiva IMHO.
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    I'm not a huge chocolate lover but mix the chocolate with salt and I'm all his. I didn't see any chocolate covered potato chips or pretzels. yumm

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    Chocolate and salt - odd combo - but delicious and addictive -

    Malley's chocolate covered pretzels are not only good but the boxes they come in are handy little 'collect all' gizmos (sturdy).
    You can find these under "non-holiday" chocolate

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