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Thread: printer problems

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    printer problems

    hi all i have an epson printer theres a red light on that says paper jam but its not jammed i took the paper out anyone know what could be wrong it doesnt print anything anymore just makes a funny noise thanks for any advice maybe i should get a new one
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    when you took the paper out, did the whole sheet come out? sometimes one corner can tear off and if it is in the right place, the printer still sees it as a jam. and are you sure there is not another sheet left inside somewhere? if you have checked inside and out of the printer and still see nothing. try turning off the printer and turning it back on to reset it. i am no computer whiz, actually i am far far from it! lol but i have a printer that has to be powered off and allowed to reset from time to time. one time we had to actually unplug the printer altogether and plug it back in to get it to work. dont know if this helps, but hey..i tried!!!

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    I think that spinky88 has got some good suggestions. If they don't work I believe that Epson has a support chat line that you might try. They can guide you through all procedures that might help.

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