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Thread: 7-Level Thoracic Fusion (T2-T8)...CAN ANYONE RELATE???

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    I had a burst fracture of the T8 vertabrae. It was completely destroyed. They used hip bone to replace it. I also broke all my ribs in my front in think-noone ever told me. A bone fragment compressed my spinal cord and tore a very small part of the dura. I had surgery 24 hours after my fall to take out the bone fragments, fix the tear and fuse my spine with rods from T6-T10. I have not had any functional return that I know of.

    I can relate to your jealous feelings. I too am struggling with this injury.

    The OP is very, very, very, lucky and I am glad she is counting her blessings. Follow Betheny's advice. Maybe look into helping find a cure or at least raise awareness.


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    I know that this may sound like a strange question, but it has entered my mind many times. There are so many of us with simular injuries, and different outcomes. I often wondered if being unconcious had any affect. I never lost conciousness with my injuries. I wondered if a brain finds ways to reroute signals if you are concious in those initial hours/day. But if you are unconcious, that capability gets lost? I know it is a far fetched thought, but have often thought it????? Anyone care to share?

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    Interesting question. I was in and out of consiousness when I fell. I told my kids and the ambulance crew not to move me because I knew that I was paralyzed. I do not remember any of this. I am very sketchy on the details of the first 5 days of my injury.

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    good question. i was in and out of a drug-induced coma for almost 2 weeks after my accident. i wasn't operated on for 3 weeks because of bouts with pneumonia, fever, and blood in my lungs. i often think what may have been if i could have gotten work done sooner, although i'm making babysteps weekly towards regaining function/sensation.
    working every day to get out of my chair.

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    Thoracic fusion T-7toT-9 hardware removal

    Hello i'm brand new to this forum. I had a thoracic fusion in 2004. If 2007 i had to have the rods and screws taken out because of the pain it was causing and the damage done to my spine and mucscles during the placement of the fusion. I'm looking for answers. Now i am totally disabled by taking the metal out my spine is a mess. I'm suffering from my rib-heads locked into my joints where the metal was. I hurt from T-2 all the way down to T-12. My muscles are in spasms all the time i cant bend at all or twist anymore. My doctor the one that took the metal out has me competely in bed afraid of fracturing my rib joints that are locked in my thoracic joints. He told me this happens with the removal of metal in the thoracic area. I'm looking for someone that this has the same outcome. In hopes of finding some answers for me for my future maybe a dr. has more answers than mine has. Thank you Sherry

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    wow sherry! i am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. i can't offer much help as i am doing wonderfully. i see my doc in a few's been 4 months out of my back brace. and i am only suffering from mild achiness and pain...which i take ibuprofen for. we are still discussing whether or not remove the hardward...i ahve titanium. the only reason he is reluctant to do surgery is b/c i am doing so well. but at the same time, i could have the hardward out and he feels i would be close to 100% again. i just don't want to wait too long to have the hardward removed, b/c i hear that's when problems start. all i can do is keep you posted once i see my doc again. i dont' know the history of your injury. but i suffered a burst fracture to t5 and my surgery was performed emergently....i had not choice. but my fusion was placed with the intention of it being temporary. so i don't know what to expect of my situation either.
    best of luck, hun!
    Injuries: T5 Burst Fracture (Broken Back); Fractured Scapula; Bruised & Fractured Ribs - Near Fatal Auto Accident on 11.21.07.

    Corrective Surgeries: 7-Level Thoracic Fusion (T2-T8); Decompression Laminectomy at T4; and Bone Graft from Hip to Burst T5 Vertebrae (11.26 and 11.28.07).

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    wow you are very lucky in your situation.

    I was involoved in a 4 wheeling accident 11.21.07 as well. My t7 was wedged against my t8 and had a t6-t10 fusion. I am a complete ASIA A. (no feeling, no movement) They said that my spinal cord looked like someone took a sledge hammer to it.

    Best of luck to you with everything!! I hope you will have a full recovery.
    T-7 Complete
    "If you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

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    Sorry I cant relate

    Quote Originally Posted by twins225 View Post
    hello...i am brand new to this forum. i am having a lot of trouble finding forums with people who are in the same position as me. i will give a brief description of my injury and surgeries. i hope i am posting this in the right place; i was having a little trouble navigating the site.

    my story:
    i was the passenger in a near-fatal auto accident on 11.21.07. my husband walked away with a few scratches and bruises and my almost 3yr old twins made it through without a scratch! i, on the other hand, literally walked away with a broken back. i had a T5 burst fracture, a broken scapula (shoulder blade), and several bruised and fractured ribs.

    my surgical procedures consisted of a 7-level thoracic fusion (T2-T8). i am about 8 weeks post op and i am doing surprisingly well, considering my surgeons say i was a miracle...they said i should have either died or been paralyzed UPON IMPACT! i can walk effortlessly and have full use of my arms, with very little loss of range of motion. i still have some numbness in my elbow (from broken scapula) and my back is still slightly numb, generally around the incision site and my shoulder blades. but i feel great other wise and realize how truly blessed i am!!

    i have been steadily doing research about my injury and my surgical procedure and i am really having a hard time finding a whole lot of information...apparently, i am a rare case??? so i am subscribing to this forum, b/c i am hoping to find someone who has had thoracic fusion or a thoracic burst fracture. i am really just looking for someone to talk to and exchange stories and progress notes.

    i hope i am doing this right, but here goes. I had a 6 level fusion T5-T10 and for over a year have had horrible pain. I feel everything, every screw, rod, brace scrape, rip, tear, gouge holes in my bones and my muscles. Less than a month ago the Dr took all the hardware out and I feel like he has deserted me. I think I've already ruptured again, right below the fusion. I cant walk, my life has turned completely around. I am a burden to all my family and I argue with myself about the need to be alive. If I had an easy way out, I would take it. Now I have to face what to do next and I dont have the strength or the will to do it. I am so happy for you! Really! I wouldnt wish what I have on even the scurviest dog.
    There is someone on another forum. I dont know her but she has similar situation to yours. the link is: and her name is HeatherElise... maybe you could contact her. I think I may do it too.
    Could I ask you who your doctor is? Maybe I could go to him?

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    Thoracic Fusion T5 - T10 hardware removed 3/14/12

    I have the same problem. The pedicle screws all the ones on the right side have dug into my rib heads and have damaged the rib heads & shoulders according to the last bone scan done right before the hardware removal. My ribs are causing a ton of pain. Every time I take a deep breath the pain is so horrible as to stop me completely. So I dont breathe deeply anymore, only very shallow breathing is possible. All the muscles are gouged and shredded that were coming in contact with the screw head, so now all the muscles are tough and scarred. They are also hard as rock and no amount of massaging can make them soft. I have continual pain and my dilaudid use has been going up, not down. I feel like my doctor has just abandoned me because I'm not a success story. I am suppose to see in on the 27th but I dont think that appt is going to go well. Since I was overweight when the surgery was begun it has been impossible to lose any weight because it's impossible to exercise. Another problem is the muscle spasms are so hard that they wrap around my ribs and continue all the way to my solar plexis which is right above my stomach. Then the cramping in my muscles starts my stomach cramping which feels like I throwing up! Its bad. I dont want to live anymore.

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