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Thread: Monarch hand controls install question...

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    Monarch hand controls install question...

    Well, here's one for you guys. The one and only local mobility transportation store is in a lawsuit involving a customer. Apparently, there was a collision involving someone with hand controls and the OTHER party is suing the company that installed the hand controls. The claim is the shop should have installed what the ORIGINAL script called for as far as driving aids. For most of us, that was the hand control, the spinner knob, and a gas pedal block guard. As we all progress and no longer rely on DVR funding, we lose the knob and the gas pedal guard. The store says my options are to go with my original script parameters, get another certified (NOT MD) driving script, or DIY the install. They apologized, but said they couldn't do the conversion unless I got the $400 in extra equipment which they know will be removed AND leave me 4 holes in my floorboard. It's original script (even if it's 30 years old) or a new certification from a certified driving specialist.

    I have a set of hand controls with the "B" adapter-- the stainless, pre drilled strap with holes that wraps around the coulumn. He told me the car I bought (2002 Accord V6 coupe) needs a "B" adapter, a bent handle, and a "long B adapter". When he says "long", he means the rod that stays stationary, right? The one where the hub rests. I know that solid rod comes in a long and shorter version. I have an ASE buddy who says he can do it and I KNOW he can do it while he sleeps. I just want to make sure I give him the right equipment. I have the bent handle, the bent brake rod, the "B" hub, and the longer main shaft. I'll save a ton of money and avoid the gay stickers on my door pillar, but I just can't give my buddy some jacked up hand controls and expect him to make it work! Also, do the certified installers wrap the steering column with anti slip tape (or anything else) and/or use thread lock on the fasteners? Thanks and thanks for lawyers...

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    Seriously consider locating another vendor. My experience with getting controls installed involved the vendor wanting me to be 'certified' as competant to use hand controls by some form of driving instruction facility (that $130.00 for 2 hours driving school guy took care of that); or have a hand control endorsement on my driver's license. I picked what controls I wanted...MPD's as they looked nicest in the pictures. A couple hours hanging around the shop and ta-da...hand controls with no footplates, spinners, or any other such nonsense.

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    At first, the guy said that there was a possibility that my driver license restriction, special adaptive device required, might be good enough. Then, the guy said that he could only do what the original script stated. What's kinda funny is there is NO other place within a couple hundred miles that does hand controls. There are like 5 or 6 of these shops with the same name in my state. They are damn near a monopoly around here. Back in the day, it was a 2 hour job, now it's supposedly 4-5 hours at $94/hour. I know this is a semi skilled labor type, but $94 and 4-5 hours? I think with the right equipment/tools, a halfway mechanical type guy could do it in 2 hours. The whole thing kinda sucks, but I guess the demand is small and the liability can be huge. Makes me wonder how much training it takes to do full on van conversions; that is some serious modding and fabrication. Hand controls without any electronics seem pretty straightforward to me.

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    Who is the company? I need to call and make an appointment to get some put in my truck. Is it Sieberts and Associates?
    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSieck
    Who is the company? I need to call and make an appointment to get some put in my truck. Is it Sieberts and Associates?
    It is not Sieberts and Associates. I wonder if they have heard about this lawsuit, though...

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