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Thread: Braun Swing-A-Way

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    Braun Swing-A-Way

    Braun stopped making their Swing-A-Way lift in the last year or so. I've tried several mobility dealers and they no longer sell them.

    So...I'm trying to find one, a rear mount version specifically, somewhere in New Old Stock (NOS).

    In other words is there anyone, anywhere that might know of one that was never installed and is now just sitting in storage?

    I will pay a finder's fee of, say, $300 to anyone who can hook me up with a new one.

    This is what I'm talking about

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    i use a braun lift but mine is a curb sider...because i have enough mobility to get from the back of the car to the front. the mobility company i use is pretty might try them as maybe they will have one left in stock.

    ilderton dodge in high point, nc.

    click on the conversion company block and you will find several numbers. if they do not have one maybe they will have a connection that does. also...have you looked on ebay? in searching for a used beach chair, i noticed several listings on there for lifts both new and used..could be a possibility. maybe you could post a "looking for" on ebay. i also use craigslist for hard to find items.

    good luck...hope you can locate one!

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    So far I tried in the last 60 days:

    and 17 mobility/conversion businesses (including one in Canada)

    No luck

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    MC Mobility

    I have Braun Swing-A-Ways in my Eurovans. I had one in my first 1992 Volkswagen Vanagon. They are well built and trouble free. I had mine installed from MC Mobility in Mentor, Ohio. Professional installation on all three Volkswagens.

    Telephone numbers at their four locations:
    Mentor: (800) 951-6238
    Columbus: (800) 834-8301
    Cincinnati: (800) 550-2805
    Dayton: (877) 364-8267

    Web site:


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    quadfather, if you happen to ever find one and they happen to have more, please post it. The swing-away is a great lift and it's ashame it was discontinued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion
    I had mine installed from MC Mobility in Mentor, Ohio. [/FONT]
    Thanks for the lead t4m. Unfortunately MC Mobility can no longer can the Braun Swing-A-Way model lift either (they do still offer other Braun lifts). Braun does not manufacture it any longer.

    I've used the Swing-A-Way in each of my last 2 vans (since 1992). The lifts never failed or left me stranded and it only needs about 3 feet of clearence next to the van. To illustrate what that means, I can park in a standard width parking spot and exit the vehicle as long as the car next me is not parked on the white stripe. No 'Van Accessible' aisle is necessary. Quite handy.

    Most mobility centers shared the same story: the NHTSA mandated new regulations for lifts which the swing-a-way could not be reengineered to meet, so bye-bye swing-a-away. Thanks big brother for making my access to life tougher than it already was!

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    is yours broken or are you trading vehicles? if the later, can you move the lift from your old vehicle to the new one? when we changed vehicles, we moved my lift from one to the other with very little difficulty. if there is an issue with the lift meeting regulations, i would guess no dealer would be allowed to sell one even if they have it in stock. have you looked to see if any other manufacturer has a lift that is comparable? from your description of how compactly it works, i now know why you are so attached to this model! i hope you are able to locate one somewhere.

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    i did find these two sites..the first one advertises the braun swing away and the second one advertises a swing away but does not specify braun...maybe...just maybe one of them has one left over in stock???

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    I know what you mean. I love my lift. Never got blocked in an can't believe they stopped making it. I have one for sale but it comes with a van if you are interested.
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    swing a way lift

    I don't know if anyone is still looking for the braun swing a way lift. but I have one I am willing to sell.will take $300.00 you have to come and get it. in so indiana about 1 hour from louisville.

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