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Thread: Attention SoCal Wheelers!!

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    Attention SoCal Wheelers!!

    My cousin has offered me a job out in Cali and I will hopefully be relocating in 6-8 months. He lives in San Juan Capistrano and takes a train into Downtown LA where his business zip is 90007. I need to rent for at least six months and am thinking since I should maybe look for an accessible apartment near work and then move further out. I would also consider further away if living in/near the business district is sketchy. Thoughts/insight?

    Also, I really want to avoid renting more than $2000-$2500 a month.

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    Dunno, but watch out for those swallows. Nice of you to warn them that you're coming, though.
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    The women have no idea...

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    Housing in CA is outragous, but if you can make it, what a great place to live (in my opinion, as a former Californian) I would sure go for it ! Good luck!

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    First lesson in Californian joe, stick with Cal we don't use Cali I liked Westwood but have no idea what the prices are, good luck.
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    I would recommend you looking into Culver City. And if you are looking for one bedrooms you should be good, they start from around $1400.
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    Oh, I was hoping around renovated downtown? They have some stuff there.

    Is there any rehab place or SCI center I can double check for housing?

    Can I ask how far is Culver City?

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    I am not really sure about a rehab center or SCI center around downtown. I know USC is right there, so I'm sure they'll have accessible housing there.
    Check out this website...
    As far as Culver City, it's about 10 miles, which is 20 min. away, depending on traffic of course.

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