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Thread: dsl-R-cable?

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    right now i'm payin 34.95 fer dsl at 3 mb. cable is 8 mb for 44.95 a month.

    does this sound like it'd be worth the change? i see everybody's awesome d/l speeds with cablenet. the only catch is i'd have to upgrade to digital cable also and it doesn't show the price fer that. damn, i'm payin 59.99 for regular, crappy cable channels already.

    it sux livin on fixed income, grrr.

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    No, you're not playing games, albiet 3mb service was fine for games too, so unless you want the better cable, I wouldn't.

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    i think this dsl is just pissin me off. its like askin for directions. i'll try everything else before i'll call, haha.

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