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Thread: how do you tell everyone

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    I've given up on that matter NO ONE understands, I'm just stuck in pain

    good luck and I hope you find help

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    my court on 25 was a joke

    at the very frist both laywers got chewed out for not having all the write paper work.

    that was not bad enough i was told i could not to say he said or she told me.or anything that was about anyone who was not there to testifie for there self.

    if that was not bad emough i can not tell the times the judge chuwed the work comp lawyer out it got bad the last time so he marked most of his questions off.

    he kept going over the same thing over and over where i had my knee surgery and puled my muscle in my side before trying to get me to say it was worse the my fall in 2005.

    i told him i work in oil and grease and slick menterial
    all time he tryed his best to get me to say my other fall in i had the flue and cought and my right side pop 98 and 03 was worse where i had knee surgery.

    i told him this is injury dose not even conpare to the knee scope.

    it cant hold a candle to post traumatic syringomyelia.

    the judge gave both lawyers 21 days to write a doctor abstrack and submit it into his office.

    there was 280 pages in my medical records he wanted them to narrow it down he said he was not going to read something that large.

    i fell it went ok because the judge was fair he save me two or three i got confused he made them stop and he got on to work comp for asking me doctors question i could not say. if my ltd will exstend me for one or two mouths i might be alright.

    so if the good lord be willing maybe good thing will come my way i pray.

    all in all my lawyer said he was very please he said he seen no trouble at all.
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    The irony is that Worker's Comp was originally drafted at the request of corporations because prior to that worker's injured in unsafe workplaces could sue. Workers Comp was ruled constitutional because although the worker lost the right to sue, he/she gained the right to a relatively easy, non lawyer evaluation.

    Now the worst of both worlds. The corporations fight like mad with the best lawyers to avoid paying any worker's comp. Many states have privatized Worker's Comp so the agency running it is a bunch of MBA mangerial types, who yield no ground regardless of the injury (eg. giving cyanide to a trucker to haul, without really warning him of the dangers, and then denying them when they happen).

    The courts should understand the purpose of the original Worker's Compensation act and proceed accordingly. Rights are eroded gradually, suddenly you look around and they are gone. This does not mean I condone the explosion of suits against physicians. It hastens the penetration of HMO's because HMO's have the bucks to hire lawyers the doctor cannot afford. The patient often is at a disadvantage against an HMO. When an advertising lawyer says they can often tell you over the phone if you have a case, they sometimes mean if your case is slam/dunk they will handle it; otherwise, you are out of luck. Central Pain is never slam/dunk because it is invisible.

    If patent law is so "complex' the average juror cannot sort it out, medicine is in the same category. In patent law, they send judges to school so they can hear cases on certain types of patents. In medicine, they should streamline it by making the cases heard by judges who have medical degrees, or something like that.

    Some doctors in So Fla are paying 400,000 per year. That is just ridiculous. We pay, in the end. One group of bad actors, hospitals who fail to maintain quality control, get off because they have such huge money to hire the best attornies.

    Doctor insurers more typically hire lesser attornies, so the doctors take the brunt for the hospitals. There is no excuse for malpractice premiums doubling in one year, such as happened in Pa. So the court system needs to be easier for worker's comp, and harder for people who seek huge settlements for lesser injuries. Try suing for severe central pain and you will get laughed to scorn. Sue for falling and breaking a leg, and you are home free. IMHO
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    Good luck with the court date... mine drug on and on and it was not pretty. And all the stuff that lead up to it was even uglier The outcome wasn't great either, but mine was an auto accident, not even my own fault. grrrrr
    She was only 17, and had minimal coverage..

    So, just wanted to say hang in there, that's all you can do.

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    i just wish i could get the medical rehab treatment that i need from doctors and nurses who know about pts and knows what the pain dose to you.

    i dont know how but i wish i could work again with all the meds i take i do very little driving anymore in a small town of 1200 people. in a town like this there is nothing close to me its all far away.

    i dont know what even to do anymore thats all i ever done is work and i cant stand being closed up like a prisoner thats how i fell.

    i dont know how to except the fack i cant work i know somewhere out there i can find a way i refuse to give up i know somone will help me get my life back.

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    FW: today was court day

    royandjoe requested that I post this from him.
    [QUOTE] FW: today was court day
    Quote Originally Posted by royandjoe
    today was very confusing i could not till my story like i wounted i could not say like [he said or she said] it had to be [as far as i know or my understanding].

    it could not be hear say from a doctor who was not there to test-a-fie it had to be just so so or they would stop me from what i was going to say

    needless to say i did not get to tell my story the way i wounted to me it was very unjust to hold back the whole truth.

    my laywer told me after it was all over the i did just fine he said it all look good and he felt good about what was said.

    even both lawyers got there buts chewed out a lot for going over old documents by doctors the judge had alreay.

    i must say the judge was fair he save my but two or three times. he told them laywer just how the cow eat the cabbages work comp got in trouble alot.

    he just kept on trying to get me to say my knee injury in 2003 was a lot worse then 2005 fall i had but i didnt let that trick catch mei kept telling him no way 2005 was alot worse

    he did not make a judgement yet both lawyers have 21 days to write a abstrak up from the doctors.

    everyone seem to think it well be allright i hope and pray to god if you dont mind say a little prey for me to god bless us all

    dr young can you send this to the forum i some how mest up and sent it back to myself thank you roy

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