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Thread: ChinaSCINET on Schedule?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti
    mais ci le lithium seul ou un autre m├ędicament et pas efficaces dans une phase II il peux aller a la phase III ?

    But this the only lithium or another medicine and not effective in a phase II he(it) can go has the phase III?

    merci beaucoup pour vos r├ęponse

    Fti, our hypothesis is that lithium stimulate cord blood mononuclear cells to secrete neurotrophins. Lithium alone may not effective. We need to determine that. If it is effective alone, that would be good and we need to go on to see if lithium and cord blood cells are better. If it is not effective alone, we still need to go ahead and assess the combination.

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    When do chronic SCI start?How's to apply?
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