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Thread: Baclofen vs. herbal supplements

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    Question Baclofen vs. herbal supplements

    We are trying herbal supplements for the baclofen - has anyone else tried this and if so which supplements and what were your results?

    Right now we are trying Myocalm and Myocalm P.M. by Metagenics. We have decreased the dosage of the baclofen from 4 tablets per day to 2 tablets. So far the only side effects that my husband has had is that he is a little groggy in the morning. Probably due to the hops in the P.M. formula.

    Has anyone tried any supplements to take the place of Neurontin????

    Any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated because we would really like to get off of the prescripted drugs.

    Thanks for your help

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    I haven't tried the herbal route for these particular issues, but you need to be aware that herbs are drugs too. Make sure that they don't have interactions with any of the other medications taken. Many people think that just because a supplement is natural or herbal, that somehow makes it safer. Not necessarily true.

    First of all, these supplements are not FDA regulated. Therefore, the amounts of the supplement stated that they supply may or may not be accurate. For example, the chondroiton supplements, for arthritis. A study was found where the amount supplied varied from a small amount (I don't recall the exact percentage) to 110% of what the manufacturer stated. Also, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, mescaline, these are all technically herbal. They are derived directly from plant materials. Yet they have very profound drug type effects, and certainly have huge issues when it comes to how safe they are.

    I am not saying not to use herbal supplements, if that is what you want to do. I am merely saying to be aware that there may be safety and efficacy issues with them as well, and because they are not FDA regulated and probably haven't been tested in rigorously controlled conditions, you are treading in murkier waters. Many are ineffective when compared to placebo, and occasionally they have ended up being pulled from the shelf due to reported safety issues. Of course, the same can be said for prescription medications. Bottom line......... Buyer beware. I'd like to get off my prescribed medications, too, but I don't really see any advantage if I end up with a handful of natural supplements instead. If they work, they must be acting as drugs in my body and either way, a handful of pills is a handful of pills.

    Just my humble opinion....... okay, maybe not so humble.

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