I came across this amazing photo from one of these fabulous Russian photo sites http://fishki.net/comment.php?id=29793 and wondered what the records are for the biggest and smallest humans.

One of the world's tallest men is Bao Xishun, a herdsman from Mongolia. I do believe that it is the man in the picture above. Measuring 236 cm (7 feet 9 inches), he is not as tall as Robert Wadlow who measured 272 cm (8 feet and 11 inches) and is believed to the tallest man in medical history (Source). He is also not as tall as Leonid Stadnyk who is 259 cm (8 feet 6 in), the current tallest living man (Source). But both Wadlow and Stadnyk were tall because of a disease called gigantism whereas Bao Xishun did not have this condition.

I think the small man (or boy) in the picture is Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal (Source). Magar is about 16 years old. At least two years ago, he was 20 inches tall and weighed about 10 pounds. The Guiness book of World Records declined to include him as the world's smallest man until he is 18 years of age.