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Thread: Effectiveness of Incontinence Drugs

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    Effectiveness of Incontinence Drugs

    Is their a relationship between level of injury and the effectives of Incontinence drugs?

    I tried Ditropan XL and some other drug a few years after injury and they didn't do a thing. I'm a T8-T10.

    Guards/Pads are pretty effective for me but can be a pain.

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    I tried one and all it did was cause backpain for me. They don't seem to do much for me yet many here have success with them.
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    Probably has to do with the type of urinary incontinence you are experiencing, urge, stress, overflow or some kind of mixed incontinence.

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    stress incontinence; laughing, coughing, lifting heavy things, bending over

    I find not having a full tummy and keeping the beer belly small helps

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    THe drugs do work better for some than others. Level of Injury determines the type of neurogenic bladder that you have and the treatment. T8-10 can sometimes be a bit challenging because you may have a combination of upper and lower motor neuron bladder.

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