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Thread: Black monday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy
    Wow, MSFT bid for YHOO really spiced up the futures market this morning. Are you holding short on QQQQ or thinking that maybe a bear trap has sprung?

    Andy, yes i'm still holding the qqqq puts but I got a little worried yesterday so I covered by buying some out of money feb qqqq calls just to cut my lose if i'm wrong.

    This market is crazy. I never saw an administration spend so much money to keep the country from falling into a recesssion. this type of market can go either direction right now but sooner or later were going to get hit hard.

    My strategies is going to play the market from both sides. On rallies sell, sell offs buy.

    I did get lucky on the msft deal. I had some yhoo losing calls which just trippled in price today so I sold them.

    Geron starting get get moving too.

    I tell you a safe bet in my opinion. Allstate which pays a 3.1% divident got hit for having lower earning because of the california fires which cost them over 400million in claims. It's not going to have them cut their divident and this stock should jump right back. I bought the 47.5 calls for 3.25. If you look at the charts the bottom is 48. JMO!

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    I'll be checking into that, thanks. I love overdone selloffs, easy money playing the bounce IMO. Good deal on the YHOO. This AM I checked into the YHOO Feb. 20's which interestingly had something like 10K in volume yesterday. I'll bet someone knew about this and picked up a cool 1600% overnight profit. Ahh, to have a crystal ball.

    Anyway, I'm still liking the way C is acting, so I'm continuing on this ride. We'll see how next week goes, and maybe find something new to play with.

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