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Thread: Muscle Atrophy/spinal cord injury - need help

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    Muscle Atrophy/spinal cord injury - need help

    I have a question about muscle atrophy. I have spina bifida and had undergone surgery in 93/94' to correct the issue. However during the surgery, according to the dr's, one of my nerve was damanged due to which my right leg is partially paralyzed. I currently wear an AFO and have a leg drop. Couple years later, after the surgery, I started loosing more feeling in my legs and now its to the point I do not feel anything below the knee. I have been having a lot of problems walking and balancing issues. According to my neurologist I have muscle atrophy as well.

    My question is can anything be done about this; may be more exercise. I had also heard about stem cell research. Is that something that is available now.

    I am at a loss of what to do and feel like I am going towards being paralyzed and am not able to do anything. It is a very frusturating and a scary feeling


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    It is possible that the nerve is continuing to be damaged and that is causing the change in sensation and motor strength. I don't think that more exercise will help, but you could ask your dctor about it. Exercise will strengthen the muscle but you need the nerves to be working.

    Stem cell research is still experimental.


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