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Thread: First snow...

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    started snowing here around 10pm an its still going. I hate the cold, my push rims get so cold they hurt to touch
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    good morning everyone. there is so much snow at my place.

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    Beautiful pictures Jeff. Looks like all we have left is a bit of slush.

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    That snowfall over the lake looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I regret not getting a gas fireplace installed on my condo - big time.
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    Well.. last night it turned to rain and high winds. No frozen trees or white ground to report, maybe next decade.

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    Jeff, Glad your getting some precipitation down your way. Seems like the Midwest and the Southeast switched weather this year. I hope your area gets some drought relief soon.
    My first thought after seeing your pictures was, Damn that hill would be a wild ride in the snow. When (if ever) you get a decent amount of snow and/or ice you'll have one hell of a sled/luge track. Might even be able to charge admission.

    Keep warm and enjoy that awesome view for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMemChose

    I bet most stores are out of milk, bread and toilet paper. What makes people go crazy for those things when snow is expected, when the flakes start? Do they think they'll want to drink more milk, eat more bread and use more toilet paper because it's snowing? Maybe they need all that toilet paper because they are drinking more milk and eating more bread. Maybe they, well, you know.
    Oh my you made me have a flashback to North Carolina.... LOL

    If they called for snow in Franklin, you couldnt even smell milk in either of the three ingles stores or even find breadcrumbs in the bread aisle....The line to pay for all that bread/milk was 10 people long and everyone was talking about the weather.

    What gets me is the snow comes and then it melts usually in a day. Just how much bread can people eat in one day.... Ya gotta laugh at some idiots!!!

    Oh and they buy all these groceries because it is going to snow and they cant get to the store but then everyone is out driving and playing in their four wheel drives....

    Out here in Colorado...the snow comes and stays a few days but you dont find people franticly clearing out the shelves of the Safeway store (the only grocery store in town). I went to work in near blizzard conditions one day and it was just like any other day.
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    It's funny, T. People here go absofreakin'lutely bonkers over snow. What we got last night was gone by noon today. This was such a non-event of an event. It usually is.

    We're due more snow this weekend and it sounds like more frozen precip than we got last night. The temps will be much colder, too, so perhaps it will stick around this time.

    Jeff, that likely means you'll get it before I do. Seems we get your leftover snow, your sloppy seconds. What doesn't fall there lands here.

    I'm enjoying it because I don't have to get out in it. Were I to try and get around when there is snow or ice, well, it gets ugly fast. My chair and I slide into anything and every thing which is on the downside of even the slightest of slopes. Slam into a new car anyone?

    Snow is why I left my heart and love of my life in Alaska. I gave it living there the best I could and in the end, it was too much. I could neither hang with the snow and ice nor the abject darkness in winter. I'm a sunshine kinda gal and that cold darkness just did not work for me.

    Depending upon what we get this weekend, I'll follow Jeff's example and take pics.

    It was pretty while it lasted, but I could use a little sunshine before the next round begins.

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    LaMem, what part of Alaska did you use to live in? One of my aunt's family lived in Fairbanks for a couple years back in the 80's, I've always wanted to at least go there if not give living up there a shot. But everything I've ever read or heard about Alaska - you have to be a little different somehow, crazy even. And getting a job is tough, of course.

    Its about 18 degrees out right now, I really should turn the heater on but its supposed to warm up today before hitting the deep freeze again. Snow and ice on Monday maybe. Some places just out of town are around 10 degrees, but its much colder up in ND and MN.

    Funny story - back in the last century, that would be 19 and 99, I visited my Aunt Robin in Atlanta. They were in the middle of a cold snap, 60s by day, 40s by night. T-shirt and shorts weather for a Missouri farm boy like me. I recall standing on the MARTA platform at East Lake station (no clue why I got off the train there) with maybe 200 other riders in all, ALL of whom had on jackets, greatcoats, scarves, and gloves, and ALL of whom were looking at this odd-looking white boy in shorts and a T-shirt. I looked at them. They looked at me. was definitely a 'moment' so to speak!

    Funny thing is Atlanta isn't really much further south than here, maybe 180 miles as the crow flies (Atlanta is 34N, Spring-town is 37N), but that 180-200 miles north or south makes a big difference in these parts - down in Arkansas in college we could and did wear shorts just about year round, up at my dad's in Topeka and thereabouts it's COLD!


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    Key West Snowman - poor bastard didn't stand a chance.

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