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Thread: burnt by heated car seat

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    burnt by heated car seat

    I was in the passenger seat of my wife's 2007 Chevy Suburban,it was very cold out so I turned on the heated seat. I had no idea they got hot enough to burn you.
    The next morning I had a blister on my butt 2.5 inches by 5 inches that I popped because i did not know it was there. I began shaking which is how my body reacts when something is wrong and i felt around and there was a wet spot so i got in bed and we found out what happened. I have been in bed since,3 days,taking cipro and putting silver (something) cream on it.
    I was telling a friend about what happened and he found out this has happened to a lot of paralyzed people. He put me in touch with a lawyer who has settled some cases and has some pending.
    The sick thing is GM knows there is a risk but obviously feels it is cheaper to pay any of us off if we get burned than do a major recall and fix the problem. I understand that,its business,if they have to pay out 1,000,000 a year to paraylzed people versus spending tens of millions to fix the problem plus bad publicity they made a business decision. But you think there would at least be a warning, not just ignoring the problem.
    Now i am stuck in bed with a very bad burn and that area will always be weak and subject to sores.

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    Sorry you got burned...Take care of it...Get to a dr that KNOWS burns...I had severe 2nd degree burns on my feet(microwave hot pack) last year and it took almost 6 months to heal them 100% I, too didn't know until much muc h later when I discovered the blisters...The Silvadine(probably the cream you are currently using) is good as long as it's healing well, but you DO have to keep an eye on it & check for different color discharge...ESPECIALLY since the blisters burst already.

    As far as GM not notifying people that the seats get that does seem that they're getting TOO hot...Is there a defect? Did you have it on low or high? I am just wondering if that's going to be the first question that you're asked in a legal proceeding...Not that it doesn't diminish the probs you're having, but I can see them saying..."Well, you've got decreased sensation, you should know not to put it on high" HOWEVER most heated items have a warning SOMEWHERE(could be the owner's manual) that says people with diminished sensation should not use them...If GM failed to do this, then I believe that they are legally respoinsible for covering medical costs...Anything else, IDK about...I would investigate wether or not there's a recall on the seats for overheating...You can check that at

    I hope you heal quickly, I know how much it sucks to be stuck with burns... Keep us updated on how things progress and how you're healing up...
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    I had no idea that could happen; in the winter I use my seated heats to get "warmed up" quickly. Thanks for the warning!

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    Me as well. We were thinking if getting them. Will give it more though.

    ANd healing thoughts to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bschiner
    I was in the passenger seat of my wife's 2007 Chevy Suburban,it was very cold out so I turned on the heated seat. I had no idea they got hot enough to burn you.
    I always wondered if they could get "too hot", but have avoided using them just in case. Seemed a silly risk.

    The sick thing is GM knows there is a risk
    How do you know that GM knows?


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    I, too, did not know that you could be burned that way, but I guess it does make sense. I know that my seats get VERY hot quickly...

    Please see a doctor- burns are nothing to fool around with. You know how to take care of them, but someone to make sure that it is healing and not infected is a good idea. Silvadene is a good option for burns, but i it gets infected, you may need something else.

    Also, make sure that you are eating plenty of protein and drinking plenty of fluids. Burns make it easy to lose both. Stay off of the area as much as possible.

    "Business decisions" are always hard to understand. AI would definiteley pursue the website to see if they are aware of the problem and if there are any warnings.

    Good luck!


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    Sorry to read about your situation. The GM part of it must greatly add to the frustration.

    As others have said I put mine on once in a while too. I appreciate the heads up.

    Wishing you quick healing.

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    GM must know if they've been settling cases. Sorry to hear about your burn, v. grateful for the warning. I crank those puppies up too. Get well soon.

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    GM knows thereis a problem,they have pending and settled lawsuits from other paralzed people.Heated seats should not be able to burn you. What if someone falls asleep,even with feeling they could get burned.There is no reason a seat should heat up to over 100 degrees.

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    If I'm not mistaken ... this started out with a huge settlement from Fords towards a paralyzed person for the same reason. I did not do a search, but I remember hearing about it years ago.
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