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Thread: pregnant

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    You are brave to have children after 10+years of paralysis! And a double amputee as well - the additional weight of twins must make it ... seriously difficult to transfer?
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    i dont transfer on my own but the weight does make things hard. I have trouble with bowell accidents now too. I'm having twin girls. I'm so excited.

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    I assume if your husband is a physician that you already have a plan for management of AD during your delivery and immediate post-partum period? This is the biggest risk for a woman with a high SCI. The anesthesiologist needs to be up to speed on this, as well as your OB and the OB nurses.


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    My husband is T-10/11 and when we were in the process of trying to adopt a baby (had him until he was 3) but right before the papers were signed the mother wanted him back and the courts sided with her. My husband experienced a few challenges but we overcame them. A few things that helped us was a good schedule, be organized, and have things ready for example, my husband could not fix a bottle and hold the baby at the same time. This may be good advise for your spouse or nanny when you are alone with the little ones-not to say you can’t do this. Another thing we did was cut the crib down so my husband could reach the baby. Not sure how tall you are or your upper mobility but this was a huge help for us.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck.


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    I have a question for any of you women who have had children after your accident. What meds were OK to take for spasms & pain? Did you take Baclafen? Lyrica?

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    hi, i'm a mom of 3 boys age 3,4 and 7 my injury was in 91 at age 16 i'm a c5-6 complete all i can say is you must not stress if things get crazy and it will but you can do it

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    twins r here

    my wife had the twins. they were taken a little early but r fine. Alana was 5 pounds even. Alena was 5 pounds 7 ounces. both have red hair like mom

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    Congrats on the twinkies, glad they're doing fine. How is mom doing?
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