View Poll Results: Who will win Superbowl XLII?

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  • New England Patriots

    46 50.55%
  • San Diego Chargers

    6 6.59%
  • Ny Giants

    17 18.68%
  • Green Bay Packers

    22 24.18%
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Thread: Superbowl

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    dead center


    Ok folks who are you rooting for???
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    I for one love would like to see the Miami Dolphins record unbroken. Therefore.... Anyone but the Pats aka the punks
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    NY Giants
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    Saint Vincent of Lombardi's team!!!!!


    A Loyal Cheesehead
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    Go Pats!

    19-0 baby!!!

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    Who I'm rooting for, and who is gonna win, tend to be very different things. It's hard to argue with 19-0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westcoast_gc
    I for one love would like to see the Miami Dolphins record unbroken. Therefore.... Anyone but the Pats aka the punks

    AMEN !

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    The pak could never cover Moss when he was with the Vikes, there's no way they can do it while he's with the Pats.
    Brady and company are on a mission this year, there's no stopp'n that freight train. PATRIOTS WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Pats are hitting on all cylinders. Their defense is good except the short passes in the middle are usually successful. The secondary is fair. The offense is a well-oiled machine though......they can put up a ton of points real quick. I haven't seen much of the Packers on tv but I think these two will meet in the Super Bowl. I understand how some folks hate the Pats. When you are on top everyone tries to tear you down. I used to hate the Dallas Cowboys many years ago when they were winning and ALWAYS on tv. I justwish they would show Brady's chick on tv in the stands.

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